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Buenos Aires, només un tast...

Buenos Aires és una ciutat massa gran per una visita de només dos dies, però per les dades, ja tenim Wikipèdia. A títol personal, una de les coses que m’ha sorprès agradablement son els restaurants. 695 more words


Fusili Col Bucco With Mushrooms In Red Wine / Dijon Reduction

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via… 10 more words

Matte Matte Matte

Matte is a wonderful thing.

For those of you that don’t know, a matte is a gourd used as a cup and is a type of tea. 126 more words


Sharon's stitches by number, 91-94

No 91. Straight Sided Feather

No 92. Crossed Feather

No 93. Plaited Feather

No 94. Reversed Buttonhole Bar

I kept the same colour perle 8 for the base Feather stitches and added contrasts, to more easily show the different additions. 125 more words


Sharon's stitches by number 87-90

No 87. Buttonhole Picot- version 1.  The colour did not photograph well.

No 88. Buttonhole Picot – version 2.  Both versions easy – I like the larger picot in No.88… 65 more words


more of Sharon's stitches by number 84,85,86

No 84.Spiked Knotted Cable Chain…a mouthful to say but easy to do and lovely to see.

No 85. Raised Cup

No 86. Turkman


Sharon's stitches by number 80-83

No 80 . Raised Chain version 1

No 81. Raised Chain version 2

No 82. Spanish Feather

No 83. Siennese

Threads used are DMC perle 8 and the purple is a metallic /thread combination. 10 more words