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RUFFLES Hot Wings chips

Ruffles released a “hot wing” chip over a year ago.  They were “okay” and they faded rather quickly.

Ruffles is back with another version.  This time it’s “inspired by” Buffalo Wild Wings. 164 more words

Taste Test

We try Thai and Indonesian “Ethnic” Cup Noodles, one of them tastes like spicy Fruit Loops

Cup Noodles are an iconic part of the Japanese food landscape and of course they’re no stranger to the Japanese custom of adding unusual new flavors to stuff. 744 more words


DOUGH Pizzeria Dallas

Have heard about this place for awhile now, so when I passed by it one day, I looped back for a to-go order.

DOUGH is a pretty swanky pizzeria.   256 more words

Taste Test

Tonic Refreshment

When you order a gin and tonic it is customary to specify your preferred label: Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, Hendrick’s.  But what about the tonic water?  Little attention is paid to this bitter-sweet seltzer, even though it makes up 3/4 of the drink.   356 more words


The Puppeteer: Semillion Sauvignon Blanc

I tried The Puppeteer semillion sauvignon blanc with a good friend of mine on a night that had already included us trying two other lovely bottles. 371 more words


Burgers of Costa Rica: A Taste Test

Shaun is a man who appreciates a good burger. Although he doesn’t claim to be an expert, with the amount of burgers he has consumed throughout this trip, he certainly has some experience in this area. 715 more words

We try Wazen, Suntory’s new beer specially designed to drink with Japanese food

Eating and drinking are two of our favorite necessary life functions, since they’re both so much more fun than sleeping and breathing. So when we heard, … 793 more words