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Is there truth in the psychology of colour or is it simply down to personal taste?

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How we use any of these colours in our lives can be very personal. From the way we dress, decorate our homes or even prepare food; we each may have different preferences to colour combinations. 592 more words

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Homemade caramels, bark and candy apples

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Sticky, sweet and irresistible! Make your own caramel candies, chocolate bark and candy apples for your Halloween party! Personal Chef Bill Collins from… 905 more words

Mass Appeal

Pick This Battle?

Okay…I need some assistance here.

On occasion, usually around birthdays, my wife will bake a cake or cupcakes. Once in a while from scratch, usually from the mix- this is irrelevant because she is also generous with the frosting of said baked goods, so we don’t much care about the source of the initial product. 161 more words


O casserole, my casserole.

Since the weather has indicated the season has finally changed, the energy needed for me to cook has returned. Like actually turning on the oven and going through multiple steps for a meal kind of cooking.   351 more words

My Life

Truck by Truckwest Day 1: Little Christine Speaks

I named my stomach, Little Christine.  And Little Christine has been waiting for this week for a long time.  Truck by Truckwest is finally here!  For those of you who don’t know, Truck by Truckwest is an annual event in Austin, TX in which participating food trucks hand out samples to TXTWers in hopes of winning the $10,000 grand prize at the end of the week!   862 more words


Gustation- UMAMI

Gustation can be defined as the act of tasting. There are 5 major tastes that human tongue can recognise excluding fatty as a taste. The energy quality of the taste become electrical signal that carries information to the brain about the substance on the tongue is known as taste transduction. 200 more words


And...I'm out

So, I am out of my initial 2-week order of Schmoylent.  I did place another order, but not in enough time to receive it before my first ran out. 117 more words