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Balblair 1997 - Dram 73

#Dram 73 – Balblair 1997

I’m not going to lie to you Whisky Snobs, I know absolutely nothing about Balblair. I have seen the bottles around but they never moved me to go out and buy a bottle or order a dram in a bar. 164 more words


Back in the groove

I’ve been on a baking/cooking binge. Substitutes that have yielded surprisingly yummy results and hesitation which yielded an okay blueberry pancake. Like everything else in life, it’s all trial and error. 25 more words


Belgo Meet Uppsala 2015

Belgian beer festival by home brewers at Fyrishov, Uppsala


How To See Wine Like A Pro

Without a doubt the question I get the most in my wine classes is “How can I learn to taste wine like a pro?” The short answer to this question is practice. 54 more words


1792 Ridgemont Reseve and Knob Creek Single Barrel Store Select vs. Retail

Having recently been very impressed by a couple store-selected single barrel bourbons (in particular a Kroger 1792 and a Liquor Barn Russel’s Reserve), I thought it would be interesting to see what difference there is in a name. 718 more words


"Do you like Fernet?"

What is becoming an increasingly “common” setup. Something to taste. My BKR bottle nearby. But this time there was a DNA test! Ah!

For the past week, I have taken a trip down memory lane back to sophomore year of high school. 345 more words

Grad School

Rogue 24- December 27th 2014

What a revelation! Worth every penny and the drive down a few crazy alleys, this restaurant run by one of the few great things to come out of Vidalia is an inspiring adventure. 103 more words

Chew And Swallow