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Tasting - Galaxy Columbus IPA

The West Coast style IPA I brewed a while back has now been on tap for over 3 weeks. At the time I brewed this I had a hop-itch and this beer certainly proved to be a cure for that. 546 more words


Baijiu in the Bayou

Baijiu requires an open mind and patience to develop an appreciation for its more unique flavors. For those of us not raised in China, it is usually an acquired taste. 710 more words


Smoked Porter Tasting Notes

When you mess up, you mess up. I messed up. I thought that this beer had finished fermenting. Nope.

When you have a beer that you think finishes it’s fermentation at 1.020 and really it has to get to 1.015, you’re going to have gushers. 130 more words


Tasting - Patersbier

This small 3,4% beer was a real lifesaver when summer really got going over here. Now it seems that the warm weather is gone, along with most of the keg. 275 more words


2014 National Yolo Rum Day Tasting at Cornerstar Wine and Liquor August 16th

Join us on National Rum Day in Aurora Colorado Saturday August 16th 2pm-6pm!

We’ll be celebrating National Rum Day at CornerStar Wine and liquor serving up FREE… 103 more words

Location Spotlights

San Diego Breakfast Time

Every time I return to San Diego, I have three priorities:

1. Find Mexican food

2. Get Mexican Food

3. Eat Mexican Food

A crucial part of completing these challenging tasks is my classic homemade San Diego favorite: breakfast tacos. 468 more words