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NASREEN MOHAMEDI │ Tate Liverpool → 5 October 2014

“Dscuvr ɖ intrīgñ wrc v Indịn ātist Nazrīn Mhaṃdi (1937–1990). Born in Ċrāči n rêzd in Mmbî, Mhaṃdi z nâ cnsidrd t b wn v ɖ most significnt ātists wɖn ɖ moḍnist tṛdišn, wɖ hr wrc rsīvñ grt critcl aclem inṭnašnli in rīsnt yirz. 546 more words


Buddha, Niki de Saint Phalle

This weekend I visited the rather wonderful Yorkshire Sculpture Park, which is becoming a bit of a second home of late. I saw the colourful ornate sculpture Buddha by Niki de Saint Phalle. 158 more words

In the detail...

Here is my detail…centre image, bottom row…in the (detail) exhibition in Thailand earlier in the year.  The juxtaposition of 144 artists individually chosen images of one of their works is interesting and frankly a wee bit crazy when used a cladding in a gallery that culturally is quite a distance from a classic ‘white cube’.   130 more words

Contemporary Art

MONDRIAN & HIS STUDIOS │ Tate Liverpool → 5 October 2014

Duč pêntr Pit Mondrian (1872–1944) z rnând az wn v ɖ most impwtnt cntribytrz t ɖ dveḷpmnt v abstracšn at ɖ bginñ v ɖ 20ʈ senčri, n hiz stunñ n influenšl wrcs r reċgnîzd bî evrwn fṛm ātluvrz t stydnts v ācitecčr n grafic dzîn. 687 more words


Mondrian and his Studios: a curator's perspective.

As part of my advocacy project at Nottingham Contemporary, I was assigned the challenge of posting a creative piece to our young peoples’ Facebook page, in order to inspire followers to go, see and/or do! 694 more words

Project LV One - Day 120 - Strange Conversation...

Sometimes you hear strange snatches of conversations.  The happened to me the other day as I wandered around Tate Liverpool.   Two women were discussing some art work and then on turned to the other and said “…of course I got a place at the Slade you know.” 137 more words

Project LV One

Project LV One - Day 119 - Things that don't actually exist

Contrary to popular belief photographs always lie – the image above more so than normal.  It was captured from a window in Tate Liverpool which overlooks the pool at Liverpool.   159 more words

Project LV One