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Not too long ago, most People associated tattoos with sailors, bikers and sideshow artists. But tattoos have turn into more common in recent years, and the individuals who get them are as numerous as the kinds and designs they choose. 483 more words

No pain, no gain: My first eyebrow tattoo experience at Annie's

I have always had uneven and unruly eyebrows since birth. It’s been a struggle for years just to get them to look neat or shaped. And I hated the fact that my right eyebrow was bald on it’s end and does not taper somehow like my left eyebrow. 1,705 more words


It would've been cool to..

It would’ve been really cool to be a tattoo artist. I’ve been seeing more and more water color tattoos and they really make me wish I was in this profession. 95 more words

You better know how to write.

I’ve quickly realized that lettering is the single most popular thing I’m doing now a days, especially at the beginning of my career.  I’m not about to complain about it either, I really have a good time with it when I’m allowed to do my thing.   121 more words


Skindustry Expo Outing: The Art of Bro-ing, Dude-ing, and Man-ing


On Sunday, March 23, 2014, Susette (a classmate) and I traveled up to Allentown, PA to attend the Skindustry Expo. The day started off with a kink when we arrived at the Holiday Inn and noticed how barren the lobby was. 4,155 more words



My buddy Klint and I braved West Philadelphia’s streets back in April of 2011 to catch a show by Skull Defekts (featuring Daniel Higgs) and Zomes. 61 more words

Occult Vibrations