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Benefitting Zeke

I talk about this all the time, but there was a point in my life where I was terrified to walk into a tattoo shop. Back when there was still an air of mystery to the whole thing; it had it’s own language that I didn’t speak, smells that I didn’t recognize and often unsavory characters behind the counter doing what to my eyes looked like magic. 685 more words

Occult Vibrations

19 - Inside Elbow Mandala

Found this amazing inner elbow mandala tattoo on Tumblr by Pinky Darling of Cosmic Tattoo. She did this tattoo for one of her customers. You can see some more of her beautiful art  95 more words


Tattoo Betty: Christine Elizabeth

Christine Elizabeth is a beautiful asian/caucasian Freelance Model based out of Edmonton Alberta. Collaborating with Alaina Hunter of Chianti Images, Christine shines in a perfectly stylized and perfectly relaxed Tattoo Betty Shoot! 761 more words

Pretty & Inked

Kreativitet & Tradisjoner

From television I’ve learned that tattoo artists are bitchy, whiny, backstabbing rockstars who will purchase an SUV in cash just to throw other tattooers under it for the  chance to win the coveted title of Best Ink Master Tattoo Titan. 421 more words

Occult Vibrations

Body Art

I want a tattoo. I realize it’s mostly permanent. So it has to be beautiful. Art is serious to me, and body art, even more so. 83 more words



When I have something I want to add here on OV it generally takes me a few days to gird up the motivation to get it online. 156 more words

Occult Vibrations