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Back Sketch Underway

Just laid out the think lines for this back piece. Lots of parts to this story


NEW INK! Life's A Ride

Tattoo canvas
Tiffany Edwards, South Wales

Tattoo artist
Ian “Griff” Griffiths, Griff’s Pins ‘n’ Ink, Abersychan

Tiffany says: “I love big, bold and colourful tattoos! As I’ve gotten older, my tattoo designs have got larger. 68 more words

NEW INK! A Face From The Mind

Tattoo canvas
James Brady, Wimbledon

Tattoo artist
Lauren and Nadz, Steel Point Tattoos, Croydon

James says: “This portrait on my back was designed between myself and Lauren from… 118 more words

NEW INK! I Love Lamp

Tattoo canvas
Michala Vano, Essex

Tattoo artist
Zoe Clark, Good Ship 13 Tattoos, Hadleigh

Michala says: “My design is an ornate lamp, drawn up for me by my friend, … 80 more words

Piercing Jewellery

Have you ever taken into consideration what your new piercing jewellery was made from? We also tend to forget when viewing images on the Internet and in magazines that those images are of healed piercings. 732 more words

Tattooing, Piercing And Tattoo Removal

Environmental Portrait - Tattoo Artist

There is no doubt that Ray Hughes Sr is an artist. It is just a matter of the medium and the materials. His tattoo studio, … 85 more words

Environmental Portraits

The Tattoo Process: Filling The Line Work

Large tattoos can often take 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 sessions to perfect.

Akira‘s regular customer, James Squire, can be seen baring his torso for a photograph of his first chest session below. 175 more words

White Smoke Tattoos