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The Cross

I am not a collector.  I have been criticized throughout the years for throwing away items most people cherish such as my children’s schoolwork and pictures sent in Christmas cards.  531 more words


That’s right, I throw parties now. Not just regular old parties either. Born Ready is a fun flirtatious playground for queers and all their friends to dance, drink, and get sweaty on the dance floor. 110 more words


Tiger on the ribs!

It’s still a bit pissed in the picture, but she sat through the entire thing in one sitting so, I’m not complaining! Best sitter ever!

COVERUP: Mechanical skin rip in progress

Covering up a Reptar (from Rugrats) outline.

COVERUP: Flying Spaghetti Monster

Covering a pie. Food covering food. Food-ception.

First Tattoo!

Pokemon was a massive part of my childhood. Swapping kisses for shiny cards, paying money for specials… I have very fond memories. And it’s Spearow – the 21st pokemon. 38 more words