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Tattoos of Ivan Ohlobystin

Today many celebrities adorn your body with tattoos. Someone makes a harmless Celtic patterns on the ankles and arms, someone knocks on the body of the names of children and loved ones, some prefer a more meaningful tattoo, so to say “talking about the essence of man. 395 more words


Maori Tattoos

Maiori – means a natural, normal, normal. However, in the old legends that tribe of New Zealand did not look not usually. After holy communion with the gods they performed with tattoos. 336 more words


Shoulder blade tattoos

Shoulder blade in a woman is the ideal place for tattooing. On the blade can be drawn almost everything. tattoo on shoulder blade for girls and women is quite rampant among young people and among older women . 368 more words


Original Tattoos

One of the objectives, and, maybe, the principle assignment is to underline tattoo style and creativity of man. Accordingly clients as imparted frequently intrigued definitely in the first tattoo. 309 more words


Is Ink the New Black?

In the last decade, and more and more in the last few years, a considerable increase of tattoos in the fashion industry has occurred. Models, designers, bloggers, singers, It-girls are now all sporting ink. 193 more words


Piercing scars

Well…I tried a couple of facial piercing and though it woul be usefull to share how it looks after removal and healing.

Anti-eyebrows: 16g pro done, changed for 20g 14k gold, didÅ„t like it because I was always melting my hair in it and hurts while sleeping, removed 6 weeks after, 8 months ago… 90 more words