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The City Under the Skin by Geoff Nicholson

“But there are two kinds of power, as I see it. There’s one kind where you can make other people do what you want. That’s what most civilians think of as power. 1,234 more words


Geeks, gamers and liontamers

I am a dork. I know this because my daughters tell me that all the time – most often Becky after she reads my posts. They, however, are geeks – a less highbrow version of a dork, if I understand correctly – and gamers, because of their interest in video games, of both console and online varieties. 198 more words

Rappers Covered in Tats-ad

Rappers Covered in Tats-ad

These rappers sure do like their ink. Do you find their tattoos attractive?

50 Cent


high brow!

Only three today but interesting ones.

From Ireland, a photo exhbition called ‘Pigment.’

From South Africa an interesting list of trivia focused on ‘ 34 more words


Tattoos on Women

My cousin recently got inked on both of her wrists and I was surprised she’d get tattoos because she didn’t seem like the type. A friend of mine wants to get her whole back tatted. 54 more words


Tattoo discrimination?

Writing that pained me.


There is a bit of a debate going on at present – this being August, it’s not terribly heated – about whether employers are within their rights to avoid employing people who have visible tattoos.

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Cunnt Claws Nail'd: Minimalistic Sensation

Embracing self identity, I have taken a whole of my crafty subtle actions of coordinating; nail-art , personal tattoos and artificially added finger art . Occasionally, a minimal wordless story can mean some many by continuous preview. 30 more words

Cunnt Claws