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[hashtag] Tattooed and PROUD.

Compared to other tattooed people, i’m FAR from being a resource, but I believe that I personally can give any “advise” concerning this matter. First of all tattoos DO NOT and I┬ámean it, do not label you as a “bad” person or a “Rebel” like people seem to think. 1,249 more words

the tattooed man: Phil Cooper writes about his skin

I’ve been thinking for some time that I might get another tattoo, though without a clear idea of what it might be. As I approach my 50th birthday, I feel I’m moving into a phase of life that might be marked with some more ink. 1,178 more words

Phil Cooper

5 Fandom Friday: Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice A Night Of Sleep For

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I am so glad I am finally able to partake in the glory that is… 893 more words

Brain Jelly

Gorgeous White Ink Tattoos

I have not entertained the idea of tattoos before, even though I have admired the art form for a long time. These, however, are subtle enough to tempt me.

Gorgeous White Ink Tattoos.


35mm Pastlife: Frankenstein Tattoo, April 2013

Shannon is one of my favorite people in Philly and that list shortens by the day. I’ve known her for a while and I’ve always dug her personality. 107 more words


Going Tattoo Far?

When Lady Gaga posted a picture of her her new armpit tattoo on Twitter while on tour in Manchester recently, two thoughts immediately came to mind. 729 more words

Body Art

What I love about winter

What I love about winter:

  • TEA (herbal tea-chamomile, lavender, melissa)
  • with CHOCOLATE^^^^^
  • warm SOCKS
  • soft, colorful SWEATER
  • reading BOOKS
  • long WALKS
  • or spending all my time PAINTING or just being LAZY :D ^^^^^
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