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That good girl look, perfect morale ,the nerdy dude. Always been mommy’s pet, holiana, goody two shoes, always getting perfect attendance. Or you have that life anyone could ever want; the perfect school, the best job, that one-in-town boyfriend and yet you want to squash that life, ruin it and do something out of your comfort zone. 191 more words


Mid-Twenties Life Crisis?

Ok, the title of this blog post may be a tad dramatic, which is why I placed a question mark at the end, but I keep wanting to do different things to my appearance lately and adding everything up makes me sound like I’m going through some sort of quarter-life crisis. 434 more words

Jordan Bone

Blue Mountains and What Not

We have been in Jamaica for about 4 days now and have figured a few things out. Many friends told us about the wonders of the Blue Mountain Coffee before we arrived, as well as its potent capabilities. 1,057 more words


Tattoo Alternative.

I personally see nothing wrong with tattoos neitherĀ am I here to convert those who hold to the position that christians should not have tattoos and they are sinful. 537 more words

Prison Tattoos?

My former cousin, who will never be my family, and who I have now officially disowned posted this last night. she posted it on fb, where my MOM of all people had to read it, so i dont feel the least bit bad quoting her directly. 565 more words


Some people hang their art I wear mine

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by tattoos. Why some people have them, why others don’t. Why some people choose to get something with sentimental value and others get a piece they consider art. 674 more words

Thinking Out Loud