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What Selfies Expose....or do they at all

This one site called hotornot opened me up to what modeling could not give me, an almost perfect 10. In modeling you are not given instant approval from outsiders. 121 more words


To all my lovely readers, I am extremely sorry for my lack of activity here lately. I’ve been extremely caught up in academics for the past few months. 122 more words

Why It's Worth The Drive

I was packing my overnight bag tonight for my upcoming trip to Ohio and was procrastinating decided to hit Starbucks beforehand. While I was there, I realized I had hit my “Lucky Dozen” (not a shock, for anyone who knows me!) and mentioned that I was going to save it for my long trip tomorrow. 629 more words

Dr. Woo's Earthly Tattoos

I’m always interested in seeing people’s tattoos — they usually tell a story or reveal an interesting detail about a person. Recently, I’ve been itching to get a new one, especially after scrolling through the Instagram of the hottest tattoo artist on the block, Dr. 87 more words


Tattoo Invasions Episode 3, Animal of Infamous Tattoos...

Animal gave us the pleasure of interviewing him. He is from Infamous Tattoos in College Park, Georgia. His word game is off the chain, so make sure you listen in and check it out. 7 more words

Social Media: Disengage

Hi all!

Been here for a month now, but I’ll be heading back to stay with the fam-jam for a few days over Easter weekend; I leave tomorrow and will be back in TO on Monday. 793 more words