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Serr'as, los descendientes de Vior'la. Símbolo

A todos nos encanta crear nuestros propios héroes, ejércitos e historias, pero, ¿y su emblema?

Como bien sabemos todos, inventarse tu própio símbolo es divertido y entretenido, pero a la hora pintar tu diseño, se complica la cosa, ¡por eso, si queremos y mimamos a nuestro líder y sus seguidores, nos tendremos que pensar un diseño apto para nuestra habilidad en pintura! 245 more words


PSP markers in CSF? Not yet

As a PSP-ologist, it takes a lot to discourage me, but the excellent review of CSF markers in the diagnosis of PSP did it. Nadia Magdalinou, Andrew Lees and Henrik Zetterberg of University College London, writing in the JNNP, point out that no CSF measure has been consistently or reproducibly found to differentiate PSP from all of the relevant competing diagnostic considerations. 316 more words

Bài thuốc chữa cảm cúm từ rau mùi tàu

Rau mùi tàu thường được sử dụng làm gia vị giúp ngon miệng, tiêu hóa tốt. Là cây thảo sống hàng năm hay vài năm, có thân mọc đứng, phân nhánh ở ngọn, cao 15 – 50 cm. 739 more words

New Codex, and some battle scenes

With the release of Codex Astra Militarum, my Imperial Guard are feeling some love.

Some friends and I took a trip to Warhammer World in Nottingham, UK, where I got to roll out my new Guard rules. 226 more words

Games Workshop

Loor Scout

This cool looking alien tracker is the newest addition to my fledgling Tau Auxiliary force.  Its an as yet unreleased model from CP Models sculpted by… 308 more words


Noise Marines in Escalation League round 4

How to beat Tau with Chaos.

Last game we`ve played was 1250, just to remind my listit is here.

The first few moments before the battle I was terrified by the sheer amount of all this S6/8 AP2/3 Tau`s guns on jumping suits. 329 more words

Noise Marines

'Vengeance' Tactical Assault Cadre


The Vengeance Tactical Assault Cadre is one of two Assault Cadre’s that exist within the Dian systems Uash’o (Imperial Translation – System Command). Overall Command for… 216 more words