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Back in Action

Hello sweet followers! 

Let me start by apologizing for my long absence. I took a bit of a break this summer to get ready for college and prepare for this huge transition! 228 more words


Randall D'Avre

Randall D’Avre is a quiet, unassuming figure. He is completely unlike any other missionary I have ever met – missionaries being more known for their zeal and verbal skills than the bookish quality that my subject exudes. 132 more words



So yesterday afternoon I found out that I’ll be living with Erika in Ta’u, which is part of the Manu’a Islands. As of now I’ll be teaching fourth grade but nothing’s definite yet. 245 more words


La Perla

Heidelibelle im Taukleid.
Frühaufsteher werden belohnt, stimmt`s?


Ammyn Rigonz

We’re meeting just off the ramp of the Deonida, a small freighter that regularly makes the haul between Deluvia and other worlds, including the Tau Empire. 137 more words