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My gosh I am late this time with the Escalation update! A trip to Scotland (where some birds pooped on me twice) is what I blame. 289 more words

Warhammer 40k

WIP: Tau Battlesuit and Airbrush Scheme Origins, Secrets (and perhaps) Lies...

Who doesn’t have Tau? These are original release battlesuits finally being worked on a decade later, with an airbrush and quite a bit of edge-highligthing. 170 more words


Empty `include_path` in PHP default

If I have an empty include_path in PHP (like include_path=:), my include and require functions still work. It is like include tries the initial script’s directory first, regardless of what your… 104 more words


FAQ Changes Are Exciting!

Folks at my local store are still deep below decks on that Privateer action, but Warhammer Fantasy just got a significant update.

Short version is that the End Times changes to army building (Lords and Heroes increased from up to 25% to up to 50%) are now across-the-board official. 630 more words