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Cellular, Molecular, and Genetic Basis of Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease, like many neurological conditions, is not well understood. Researchers are making great strides in understanding the mechanisms by which AD destroys neurons but are, as of yet, still without a cure. 812 more words

Alzheimer's Disease

Forgeworld Tau XV-89 Battlesuit

I decided my Tau needed a little love, so I bought myself another XV-89 suit.
I love this model, to my mind this is what the vanilla Crisis battlesuits ought to look like. 46 more words


By way of an interim post, behold the Necro-Tau!

Well, a sudden and entirely unexpected bought of hospital-requiring ill health has meant that my posts on here have gone by the wayside for a while, so with the intention of doing something a little more substantial later, here’s a quick picture post of some rather curious models I did a while ago; a Necron-resurrected undead Tau  :) This was done as a part of a competition at work where we had to all do a battle force built and painted to a deadline, and I had a bit of fun and did something slightly off the wall! 32 more words

Can we find a cure for Alzheimer's?

To discover a cure, we first must look at the cause of this dreadful neurodegenerative disease. There is a protein in our bodies called amyloid-ß peptide (Aß) and this is normally a monomer. 553 more words

Math-Inspired Progrock

I just posted this over at Progarchy, but I wanted to include it here at Fractopia. I probably should have waited until next March 14, but what the heck! 69 more words


Math-Inspired Prog!

I recently discovered this song by Alan Stewart that the good people at Numberphile posted. It’s a prog tune based on the digits of pi and tau. 42 more words

Progressive Rock Music

Protein Tau Alzheimer Key?

This is hopeful news from AOL Healthnews My family has a history of living long; my Mother is 92 and still has all her marbles. Staving off dementia is as key as keeping your body fit if you live to be a ripe old age. 683 more words

Family Issues