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Ferenc Miskolczi: The Greenhouse Effect and the Infrared Radiative Structure of the Earth's Atmosphere

Well here’s a nice surprise. Out of the blue, Dr¬†Ferenc Miskolczi¬†has dropped a link onto Tim Channon’s thread, which goes to his major new paper, … 191 more words


iterate a number of dictionary items

I have the following Dictionary:

 Dictionary<string, List<string>> = new Dictionary<string,List<string>>();

This dictionary gets populated, I’m never going to know how many items I will have. 91 more words

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Our PICU Night...

While I completely understand that the ER and PICU staff were trying to do their jobs to the best of their abilities… I have some issues with our visit. 762 more words

Another blow...

I am starting to feel like I am drowning in diabetes!

In 2011 Alpha was diagnosed with T1DM. That sucked to say the least. At the time we were trying to get pregnant and instead found out I had a cyst on my plumbing. 361 more words


Have you seen this Ship?

Looks like nobody has bought the Courier.

No wonder Forgeworld doesn’t sale them anymore!

Well, at least no one can tell me I’m doing it wrong, since nobody knows how it is supposed to look. 28 more words