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Ready to take off

Feeling a bit better today, so I got around making a few renders for the sheppard.Holy crap, making a short video at 60 fps takes really long. 116 more words

Robes: A few different sources for robe construction

I recently posted how my robe ripped and I feel its time to replace it and that I would post some ways of making robes.  Well here we go… Before we get into the whole skyclad thing.  2,367 more words

Screw the Flu

My Thoughts a few hours ago:

“Can’t sleep, sweating like a Hog, might as well keep on working.”

Looks good for now, will add nicer pictures and a video later. 8 more words

Almost there

Almost there. Hoped i could finish it today, but the fates conspire against me (think I’m getting the flu).  It could be printed in detail plastic, but as you can see, normal plastic has a few things it doesn’t like. 46 more words

Tauopathies is the accumulation of tau (post from 07/26/2014)

What and what? What are tau and what do they have to do with Tauopathies?

Well tau happen to be proteins. Considering the fact that tau sometime clump together inside the nerve cells of the human brain, causing the cells to stop functioning properly and die, this will affect some types of Dementias. 157 more words

Elderly Care

#Bat-Rep: Necrons vs Tau 1850pts

With my regular opponent away we couldn’t finish the last game in higher Death Korps vs Necron series so instead I have another battle report instead. 684 more words

Battle Report

Star Ships have landed!

The Tau Ceti 6 have arrived!  We have been waiting on these for a while, as they are one of the major components of our new game.  381 more words