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Dumb Criminal Taunts Police On Facebook, Gets Caught

There are stupid people and then there is this guy.

A 28-year-old guy in Maryland was arrested a day after he decided to taunt the police by commenting ” LMAO” F— all u cowards telling — n—- can’t catch me with thse —- n—- help cause i that n— I got on my side Yall will never catch me and scotty G all luv y g2014 is crazy”,¬† from his own Facebook page on a wanted poster of his face posted on the police department’s Facebook page. 110 more words


'Y'all will never catch me': Suspect taunts police on FB, gets caught

BALTIMORE, MD (PIX11) — A Baltimore man was caught violating probation after he taunted¬†police to catch him on Facebook.

A mug shot was posted of Roger Ireland, 28, on Anne Arundel County PD’s Facebook page as a part of their #WantedWednesday campaign. 135 more words