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nothing more,
broken bones & bloodied tastes
i have had a fine glass
but nothing more

lost now is my mistrust
unleashed upon the present… 52 more words


Healy Priest Combinations

Here are a couple screenshots to demonstrate some of the successful combinations you can use within my Healy Priest deck.  If you can get both your Lightwells on the board and buff up the attack/health of one of them they can be a pretty damaging combination. 140 more words


COTD - Mogu'shan Warden

I like this card because it has one of the highest healths for a Taunt creature for the cost. Obviously, the setback is that it has a low attack– Making it easy for your opponent to use their minions to attack and kill. 29 more words


LookItzJoe's Drawing Druid Deck

Today I share one of my newest decks. This druid deck is pretty strong against all different types of decks. It has a couple strong Legendary cards- Ysera and Ragnaros. 56 more words


Marshall Henderson, most interesting senior in college basketball

Take the “Manny being Manny” personality of Manny Ramirez and the basketball skill of Jimmy Ferdette’s last season at BYU, you get Marshall Henderson, senior guard at Ole Miss. 322 more words