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Tavis Smiley…Is one of those kind of people that  you have to love him in the beginning to respect him. Some that despise him must know something I don’t know.   25 more words

Lemon And Smiley Go Toe- To- Toe Over President Obama and Race [Poll]

Tavis Smiley, known for his criticism of the president talks with Don Lemon about Obama’s leadership on race issues and what MLK would do.

Do you think Smiley is correct? 14 more words


Tavis Smiley slams Obama's BET interview: Stop the lecture

Mr. President, you hurt Tavis Smiley’s feelings again.

Smiley wasn’t a fan of President Obama’s interview on BET. Monday night, speaking to Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, Smiley said “black folk” didn’t need a “lecture on Black Entertainment Television.” 91 more words


Garner case is not about taxation

Conservative talking heads keep trying to change the subject while discussing the case involving Eric Garner, the black man choked to death in New York by a white police officer. 287 more words

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Bill O’Reilly Drops 50-Megaton Truth Bomb on Guest Who Claims It’s ‘Hunting Season on Black Men’

This is from Independent Journal Review.

Shame on you  Bill for confusing poor Tavis with the facts.

Tavis as a good liberal never bothers with the facts as facts do not fit the lefts template America is racist.  289 more words

Garner Death Troubles O'Reilly

A Staten Island, New York, grand jury refused to indict a police officer in the chokehold-death of Eric Garner, a black man accused of selling “loose” cigarettes (untaxed cigarettes), putting the New York City area on alert for a Ferguson, Missouri-like incident. 71 more words

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