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Quinta Do Vallado Has Your Thanksgiving Needs Covered

Portugal’s Quinta Do Vallado has a history that dates back to the 18th century. It’s now in its sixth and seventh generations of stewardship by the Ferreira Family. 112 more words


Cat Videos!

Dear Tawny,

I try to work, I really do, but find I just want to spend all day watching cat videos instead. Have you seen this one? 197 more words


How to Not Quit (or not)

Dear Amber, Poppy, or Tawny,

Seriously, all of you girls seem so smart and amazing–I’ll take a reply from any one (or all!) of you. 416 more words


Why Do Agents Hate Me?

Dear Tawny Awesome,

I ask myself every day why I keep trying to get an agent and get published. Writing is such hard work–I sit on my butt in a room all day, all by myself, pushing words around, and then I spend YEARS trying to get somebody to want to represent me and my manuscript. 839 more words


Snowflakes and Hairspray

So remember yesterday when I wrote about autumn and how lovely and pretty and ballsy it was?? Well apparently Mother Nature got a bee in her bonnet because you know what I woke up to this morning?!? 109 more words



The first weekend of March Tawny took her daughter to run a 5K marathon in San Bernardino. One of Tawny’s passionate outreaches was autism and the event’s proceeds were in support of that cause. 1,349 more words


Missing Pieces...

The alternate weekends with Aiden weren’t enough. I was slipping slowly into a depression over missing my son so much. I was new to the pressures and turmoil that divorce brought and, being accustomed to having my son an integral part of my life, the lack of seeing him was proving more than I could handle on a daily basis. 1,036 more words