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Dear Bitchy Cheerleaders,

I’m trying to write scenes in which my characters actually have conversations, but dear Lord, whenever they open their mouths they sound stilted as hell. 586 more words


Spey Tenné (46%, OB, Selected Edition, Tawny Port Cask Finish, 18.000 bottles)

The Speyside distillery was officially founded in 1976 by George Christie. Distillation was in George’s blood since he used to be a… submarine captain, who probably missed the sound of trickling liquids.  448 more words

Single Malt

50 Ways to Leave Your Agent

Dear Bitchy Cheerleaders,

My agent hasn’t done a thing to sell my book in over a year. I’m sort of done with her. But I don’t know how to break it off. 558 more words


Multiple Points of View = Multiple Personality Disorder?

Dear Tawny Awesome,

I wrote a novel with rotating points of view and my agent loved it and sent it around to a bunch of editors. 797 more words


A Story of Writerly Seduction

Dear Tawny,

What the heck is the Innocent Writer supposed to do when she has a lengthy rough draft of a novel…and then one day a new story looks over at her, wolf whistles, and says, “Hey, don’t you want to work on me, Babydoll?” 622 more words


The Yearly Debate

Dear Amber, Tawny, and Poppy,

Are you making any writing resolutions for the New Year?

~Wondering Whether I Should

Dear Wondering,

Great name! Mind if I call you Wonder? 275 more words


#NWTW Week 50: What We Thought of Port Week

Amazing!!! After 6 days of feeling extremely sorry for myself the man flu has lifted! Ok, so it’s Boxing Day and I’ve managed to miss out on most of the Christmas fun so far, but I’ve given up caring. 298 more words