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Actual California Engagement Photographs: Tawny And John by Chic Decorations

Photo: Jasmine Lee Photography
Can you guess exactly where these two lovebirds got engaged? At the precise same spot exactly where they had their first dinner date along Laguna Beach, including a dip totally-dressed in the sea!  27 more words

Reviews product Yves Saint Laurent OMBRES 5 LUMIERES5 Colour Harmony For Eyes - 3 Tawny

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What it is:A five-color harmony of richly pigmented eyeshadows.What it does:Yves Saint Laurent OMBRES 5 LUMIERES 5 Colour Harmony For Eyes is a palette of five monochrome eyeshadow colors. 6 more words

A Few Ports...........

A great way to end any night is to have a few nips of Port (or Tawny)…..

….. while your newly found goat skull from work stares at you!

- B/S/M

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