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The Tax Court(!) in the New York Times. Plus Art.

Earlier this week, the New York Times ran a fairly breathless story about Susan Crile, an acclaimed artist, and the Tax Court’s decision regarding her problems with the IRS. 1,485 more words

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Predictive Coding in the US Tax Court - The 21st Century Meets Tax

When business writers and commentators talk about future-focused and innovative industries, they don’t tend to put law on the list.  Maybe on the “slower to change” list (examples of why include wigs in court (outside of the US), lace-up wingtips as office attire (in the US), and the ongoing unresolved discussion of what to do about the billable hour system).   357 more words

Tax Court: Frequent Flier Miles Are Income

Are frequent flier miles income to U.S. taxpayers? On Tuesday, the Tax Court held that they are. Sometimes, anyway.

What does the Tax Court decision mean to you? 1,126 more words

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