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Tax Court Requires Inspection Despite Owner’s Prior Protests

The discovery rules for residential tax appeals in New Jersey are very simple. Basically, the municipality must provide a property record card, and the home owner must permit an inspection of the property, and provide a closing statement if there has been a sale within the past three years, any income and expense information is the property is rented, and the costs of improvements if any were made within three years of the assessing date. 274 more words

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Town Gets Taste of Own Medicine: Not Permitted to Pursue Counterclaim After Deadline

In an unusual case, a Tax Court judge denied a municipality’s attempt to file a counterclaim in a tax appeal almost two years after the statutory deadline for filing such a claim.  276 more words

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Professional Gambler Bets Wrong In Tax Court - Takeout Expenses Are Gambling Losses, Not Business Expenses

When the calendar turns to mid-March and tax season makes the leap from annoying to soul-crushing, I spend more time than I should daydreaming about goin’ all Walter White and breaking bad, only instead of cooking meth, I’d use my well-honed number-crunching skills to become an underground bookie. 1,244 more words

Tax Court is Not Nice to a Lady in Distress

Linda Sharp, a former university professor of choral music, received a settlement from the University of Northern Iowa for “emotional distress damages only,” according to the settlement agreement, in the amount of $210,000. 384 more words

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Homeowner's Reduced Assessment Upheld by Appeals Court

Long Branch City unsuccessfully appealed the decision of a Tax Court judge which reduced the assessment on a residential home.  The home at issue was built in 2008.  460 more words

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Sisters Get Only Some Mercy From Tax Court on Exemption Claim

Last week, another property exemption case was decided by the New Jersey Tax Court, this one in partial favor of the property owner, the Sisters of Mercy of the Americans Mid-Atlantic Community, Inc. 565 more words

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