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This farcical tax system is cheating us out of billions

Polly Toynbee: Another really annoying columnist who occasionally writes things that make sense. On the question of what a tax system would look like if we started from scratch, Polly and I might have different ideas, but we agree that the UK’s current system perpetuates scams and injustice and needs to be obliterated. 35 more words


Sunday, 3rd August 2014

Reading in An Oxford Companion to the Romantic Age about the East India Company (1600–1858), I am struck by the similarities between it and a great corporate enterprise of our own time: 248 more words


A Thrilling Insight into Greek Building Legislation

If you have ever been to Greece then you will probably recognise these metal things:

Iron support rods everywhere. You can’t look down a row of Greek houses without seeing at least a few of these protruding from a rooftop or extension. 416 more words


Tax justice tour August 9: find out more about fighting tax dodging businesses!

From UK Uncut and ActionAid:

Join Action Aid on August 9 on a tax justice tour as they talk and walk people through many of the ways big business gets away with paying less tax than the rest of us. 323 more words


Money Laundering Made Easy or, Remember Kid, It's All About Location, Location, Location...

Today we once again turn our attention to the fascinating world of international money laundering. As I mentioned in a previous post, it’s no secret that in recent years the US government has made a concerted effort to close the Swiss-cheese-like loopholes in both the federal tax and criminal codes that have allowed so many to essentially completely dodge their tax obligations. 206 more words