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Tax Justice and the General Election

Monday evening, 2nd February at Queens in Edgbaston

Should there be a Tax-dodging bill?

Guest speaker Richard Murphy

After training and working as a tax accountant Richard Murphy became concerned about the injustice he found and has been one of the leading campaigners for a better system. 94 more words


The Slaughterhouse Rules: Why American Capitalism Loves Illegal Immigration

In Chapter 4 of The Jungle — Upton Sinclair’s searing 1906 exposé of the American meatpacking industry — Lithuanian immigrant Jurgis Rudkus arrives at the steaming blood chambers of Chicago’s slaughterhouses and follows his boss to the “killing beds.” He’s given a large broom to “follow down the line the man who drew out the smoking entrails from the carcass of the steer” and sweep the innards into a trap “so that no one might slip into it.” As the screams of animals whose hides were being peeled from their still-living bodies echoes off of the gut-splattered walls, Rudkus wades through pools of coagulating blood and tries to avoid losing a limb to the same gnashing blades that turned cattle into steak.  1,864 more words

Russell Brand: The Sun smear campaign

Phwoar! @TheSunNewspaper where d'ya get this stat? Liverpool? Hacking into dead children's phones? pic.twitter.com/FzmOWHizK7

— Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) December 4, 2014

Once again, The Sun…

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Friday, 5th December 2014

Two modern-day saints: the benefit avoider, who arranges his or her finances in order to reduce eligibility for benefits; and the tax tourist, who travels to Britain in order to pay tax. 32 more words