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Avoiding penalty taxes on your “Truly Fantastic Savings Account”

By Sheryl Smolkin

For the last five years all Canadians over 18 have been eligible to open a “Truly Fantastic Savings Account” (aka a Tax-free Savings Account). 612 more words

Sheryl Smolkin

Month End Recap - March 2014

This month marks 4 years of tracking my net worth every month.

Holy crow.

I actually put together an infographic to celebrate the occasion, but it appears that I am either a technological dinosaur that simply can’t keep up with websites anymore (likely), or my browser at work is so outdated that it is playing evil little tricks on me and not behaving (even more likely). 702 more words


Month End Recap - February 2014

I don’t have a whole lot to say this month, other than THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!  605 more words


Clarity Mortgage - Canadians Just Don't Understand TFSAs

By Gail Johnson | Pay Day

Tax-free savings accounts (TFSA) may be increasingly popular, but they also have a lot of Canadians scratching their heads. 653 more words

11 Personal Financial Terms To Be Familiar With During Tax Season

In Canada, we often associate the months of February, March and April with the beginning of Spring.   From a financial literacy point of view, the three months are when you start to hear a bunch of personal finance terms toss around in articles, on television and radio.  764 more words

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