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Interactive Voices on Tax Policy: What does the timing of the Congress's decisions mean for individuals as they prepare for filing taxes?

What are the immediate impact items, based on expiration dates, and what are the bigger questions moving forward, into 2016? Businesses and individuals need to prepare, but how can they prepare when so much is up in the air? 78 more words

Interactive Voices on Tax Policy: Forbes tips for paying off student loan debt, and how taxes play a role

Several of our FTR community members have asked for more information on student loans. This is a pretty simple run-down of some areas where you can make better decisions, one of which is how to utilize your education related tax refund toward your loan payoff. 9 more words

Oklahoma Court: American Airlines Entitled To Tax Refunds

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - The Oklahoma Supreme Court says American Airlines is entitled to sales tax refunds that could total more than $1 million.

A 42-page ruling handed down Tuesday by the court overturns an Oklahoma Tax Commission’s denial of the refund and orders the commission to determine exactly how much money is owed to the airline. 169 more words


Frankly my dear, we give a damn!

Australian companies that pay dividends to their shareholders are taxed under what’s known as the ‘imputation’ system, because the tax is imputed (or assigned) to the shareholders in the form of franking credits attached to the dividend payments. 189 more words


5 End of Year Tips to Maximize Your Tax Refund [video]

It’s not too late to make smart end of year tax moves that save you money come tax-time.  Find out a few tricks to maximize your tax refund.

Tax Deductions And Credits

CRA & Tax Refund

What does this post have to do with real estate?  Nothing – however – an email came in this morning from our accountants – about the ongoing spam email that seems to be coming from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and we thought it be worthy enough for a blog post since we can never be too careful these days about these internet spams. 117 more words

IRS: Tax refunds could be delayed next year

By Bernie Becker

The IRS could be forced to delay tax refunds next year if Congress doesn’t strike a deal on dozens of expired tax provisions by the end of next month, the agency’s commissioner said this week. 409 more words