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WEB POLL: What do you think about the government's tax relief measures?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is pressing ahead with income splitting for families with kids under 18 — a multibillion-dollar Conservative election promise from 2011 that critics have said would benefit too few Canadians. 98 more words


Michigan Tax Facts - #2: Big Corporations Got a Massive Tax Break

One more to go in our countdown of Michigan’s top tax facts! Fact: In 2011, Republicans increased the tax load on families and seniors in order to pay for a massive tax break for corporations. 43 more words


Michigan Tax Facts - #3: Families and Seniors Paying 31.5 Percent More

Michigan families and seniors are paying 31.5 percent more in state income tax now than before legislative Republicans made sweeping changes to Michigan’s tax code, according to the state of Michigan’s May 2013 Consensus Estimates. 35 more words


Michigan Tax Facts - #4: Per-Child Deduction Lost

We’re at No. 4 on our countdown of the Top 10 Michigan tax facts. In 2011, Republicans got rid of the $600 per-child tax deduction, which has cost families nearly $116 million so far. 15 more words


Michigan Tax Facts - #5: Working Families Paying More

The Earned Income Tax Credit is available only to working families who meet earning limits. Under Republican leadership, the amount of that credit has been slashed. 24 more words


Do You Want To Maximise Your ClaimFor Childcare Costs?

If you are currently paying childcare costs or will do in the near future, are you aware that the scheme for claiming tax relief is changing in the Autumn of 2015? 285 more words


Michigan Tax Facts - #6:

At No. 6 on our list of the Top 10 Michigan tax facts is the result of the Republican cut to the Homestead Property Tax Credit. 27 more words