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Time And Money— The Power Of Compounding

Finally, tax day 2014 has come and gone. Every American just reviewed his or her overall financial picture and received a stark reminder of the burden of paying taxes. 459 more words

Investor Education

Is Tax Mitigation Immoral?

I am morally repugnant – according to the chancellor.  Well, I don’t think he was talking about me personally.  But the comment was aimed at tax advisers who assist clients in minimising their tax liabilities. 472 more words


Intellectual propaganda against all forms of commerce

In Britain in the 1970s, it was, writes Dalrymple,

very necessary to try to undo the effect of many years of intellectual propaganda against all forms of commerce, which the intelligentsia then thought was intrinsically besmirching in a way that public service funded by taxation was not.

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Beware if you own UK property as a Non UK Resident

From April 2015, it is proposed that non residents (that’s us poms living in sunny Australia) will pay Capital Gains Tax on the sale of UK residential property. 30 more words


Consejos del IRS Para los Contribuyentes que se les Pasó la Fecha Límite de Presentación de Impuestos

Si a usted se le pasó la fecha límite para presentar la declaración de impuestos, no se alarme. Aquí tiene algunos consejos del IRS.       


Mise à jour de l'ARC sur la faille Heartbleed - Les services en ligne sont rétablis

Cliquez ICI  pour lire l’article au complet.


” Je rappelle que des intérêts et des pénalités ne seront pas imposés aux particuliers qui auront produit leur déclaration de revenus 2013 après le 30 avril 2014, pour une période équivalant à la durée de l’interruption de service. 32 more words


Three Ways to Get People to Pay Taxes

Planet Money, living up to their global name, shared three stories in episode #531 about how different countries get their citizens to pay their taxes. 513 more words

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