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Save Big (or not) With 1031 Exchanges

You’ve found a great asset.  You’ve done your due diligence.  It’s in the best market and sub market.  It has strong financials that are poised to give you just the kind of returns that will set you along the path to financial freedom.  700 more words

Commercial Real Estate



The New York Times columnist explains how California’s success puts conservative dogma to shame

In his latest column for the New York Times, award-winning economist and best-selling author Paul Krugman argues that California’s recent success — and Kansas’ ongoing failure — is yet more proof that conservative anti-tax dogma “is nonsense.” 438 more words


“New” Kansas Law: No State Income Tax to Pass-Through Entities

Ok, so maybe it’s not that new anymore (the law was signed on May 22, 2012, and effective as of January 1, 2013), but we think some of the effects are just now starting to be realized. 487 more words


Who Scalps Ticket Scalpers? IRS

The IRS taxes just about everything. Barters and trades? You bet. Even swapping tickets of even value can trigger tax. Of course, on a casual basis most people might not even think of taxes in that situation. 553 more words


Takeaway #191 sustainable loyalty + the highroad via Chamillionaire

CEO’s are like slave masters and most of ‘em don’t even know it

Their employees are like slaves, work the bill but don’t even own it… 88 more words

A Wealth Tax in the UK?

Today, income inequality is so extreme that the interest alone on the accumulated wealth of the richest few exceeds the growth of many economies in which they live. 482 more words