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Tips To Buy Cheap Condo Insurance

The East Coast Insurance includes the condos and apartments as the rates vary with the comparison factors. You can pay a visit to the reputed insurance company and then proceed with the raising deductible forms as a whole. 262 more words

Homeowners Insurance

US Expatriate Tax Returns

Do you need to file US expat taxes?

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US Tax Return assistance for expatriates. Formerly traded as H&R Block Rome, serving the expatriate community since 1985.

Tax evasion: Return to legality via amended tax return

Tax evasion has represented a lucrative, albeit criminal, business not only for tax evaders but also some banks. An amended tax return can present a path to legality. 147 more words

Zim over taxing the hungry and impoverished

It is said that there are two things that are certain in life, death and taxes.  For many Zimbabweans, it seems increases in taxes and tax rates at times appear more certain than death itself. 710 more words


Have you paid too much National Insurance?

Unlike Income Tax which is cumulative and assessed across all earnings, National Insurance starts from zero on each individual employment and you also pay National Insurance on Self Employed earnings. 165 more words

Bicknell Business Adviser

French Burn Tax Office, But Don’t Try It In U.S.

Taxes have always been a source of discontentment, sometimes even setting off revolutions. In France, vegetable farmers burned down a tax office in Morlaix, Brittany. The farmers dumped artichokes, cauliflowers and manure in the streets at the main tax office, smashing windows and setting the building on fire. 551 more words