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Tax suspension under the Replat regime

Tax suspension can be granted for imports made under the Replat regime, as long as the imported goods are destined for the construction of platforms that will be used for the exploration of oil and natural gas. 663 more words


Venezuela: President signs off on tax increases

In order to increase and diversify government revenue, Venezuela`s President has accepted tax increases on 18th November 2014. 28 laws have been passed to incorporate an increment in the excise duty for buying luxury goods from 10% to 15%. 49 more words


Christmas, Babies and Tax Returns

Now there are a set of words which I bet you never thought you would see together!

It’s getting to that time of year where you walk through town and the Christmas decorations are starting to come out and as business owners you are thinking about getting ready for the Christmas period, how much time to take off, what needs to be done to prepare for next year. 704 more words


Overview of tax saving moves for the rest of 2014.

Effective year-end tax planning must take account of each taxpayer’s particular situation and planning goals, with the aim of minimizing taxes to the greatest extent possible.   536 more words


Here’s the most bizarre currency you’ve probably never heard about.

Source: Sovereign Man, by Simon Black on November 21, 2014

John Lynn was bound and gagged, as the angry mob tied him to a tree and poured a barrel of scalding hot tar over his freshly shaven head and coated him in feathers. 210 more words


Tax and Whistleblower by Yaolong Luo

During 2012, the IRS paid $104 million to a whistleblower who had turned in 4,000 taxpayers hiding income in a foreign country. At the same time, a recent court case held that a claim for a whistleblower award was not a capital asset, therefore the $104 million whistleblower award was ordinary income.