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Tax Aguh Kill Wi Off Inna Jamaica

Pupa Jezaz wen dis aguh stop? Every corner yuh turn, dis government haffi find some unique way fi tax out wi baxside! Unu realize seh dem plan fi kill we off dung yah pon di Rock? 442 more words

The efficiency and effectiveness of the indirect tax function

Effectiveness is the degree to which an organization achieves the objectives.

When is effectiveness achieved?

For the tax function this is if all risks are managed and opportunities spotted and implemented. 358 more words


Progressive Taxation is the Only Way to Fix the Economy

I guess I get to say I told you so.  After reading hundreds of thousands of words about economic inequality written by the world’s greatest minds, I sense consensus is moving towards what this social worker had figured out five years ago.  20 more words


Who Owns The Farm?

Everyone with an ownership interest in your business must understand who actually owns the property. Misunderstandings can lead to expensive litigation especially when the ‘Three Ds’ arise – Death, Development and Dispute. 158 more words


Life in Hong Kong


After reading Australian Suzie Moore’s accounts of living in New York City on news.com.au, the similarities and the differences between my hometown of Hong Kong became apparent – but in now in the Asian Century, Hong Kong should continue to emerge as Australians destination of choice for expat life – for work, and for pleasure. 1,130 more words

U.S. Ranks 94th Of 100 Tax Systems; What Slovakia Could Teach IRS

Is our tax system competitive? Many global companies say no. Apple CEO Tim Cook lambasted the U.S. tax system in testimony before the Senate Permanent Investigation Subcommittee. 597 more words