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Feds Kill Merger Dead

AbbVie-Shire merger is officially dead.

Big inversion deal killed by a letter from the treasury department. The issue here is, how smart is it to get in a fight with someone who buys lawyers the way cops by doughnuts? 100 more words

Common Sense

Taxation: the Fee

(Seeing as it has become relevant as background information to a comment reply I plan to make soon, a summary.)

Well, the first obvious question is “does the Empire even have taxation?” This is a matter of some controversy, for values of controversy equal to “the Empire says it… 1,852 more words


Tax Measures and the hypocritical conservative double standard.

The Times-Standard recently featured a letter from the very conservative and Local Tea Party member Fred Nelson. In his letter, Fred rails against the potential sales tax increase for the county, Measure Z: 388 more words


Corporate Inversions: Part II

The Wake Forest Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law published my second blog post on corporate inversions yesterday.  This second post describes the idea that the existing tax code can be used to curb inversions.  46 more words


한겨레 2014.10.20


이달 둘쨋주 현재 정유사의 세후 휘발유 공급가격 내역을 보면, 리터당 평균 1695.03원인데 흔히 ‘유류세’로 불리는 교통·에너지·환경세(교통세), 교육세, 주행세 3종 세트가 745.89원으로 44%를 차지한다.

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Give to God what is God's - Proper 24

This week we heard about the way Jesus responded to the question: Is it lawful to pay taxes? Here’s what I preached.

Matthew 22.15-22

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. 1,242 more words


To bring or not to bring

There’s all sorts of stories going around about what can and cannot be brought to Turkey and the amount of money it might cost you. In this section we will give you an insight in the regulations and provide tips and tricks on how to organize yourself in order to have a smooth move to Turkey without spending a fortune on import taxes. 21 more words