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Get Ready for Internet Sales Taxes

Are sales taxes finally coming to the Internet?

After years of trying, it would finally seem so.  On July 15th, five senators introduced legislation on a bipartisan basis to make taxation of purchases over the Internet a reality. 390 more words


South Australia v Commonwealth ("First Uniform Tax case") | High Court of Australia | 23 July 1942

ON 23 JULY 1942, the High Court of Australia delivered South Australia v Commonwealth (“First Uniform Tax case”) HCA 14; (1942) 65 CLR 373 (23 July 1942). 539 more words

Constitutional Law

Israel: Is It Agression Or Self-Defense?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

Yep, when you are not beat about the head by reports from Ukraine then there are the numerous reports coming out of Gaza and Israel latest offense to chop off the head of Hamas…..first of all both of these areas are a massive PR campaign by the media.  474 more words

International Situations

Mocking the IRS with Reason TV

In some sense, there’s nothing remotely funny about the IRS’s targeting of Tea Party organizations.

It is disgusting that a powerful arm of the government became a… 261 more words


Are Obligations to the Government Infinite?

Gather round, boys and girls, it’s analogy time!

Scenario A:  You walk into an unfamiliar bar in a bad part of town.  You sit down at the bar, and the bartender approaches you and says, “Hey buddy, you look really thirsty,” and slides you a cold beer.  1,470 more words

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Nachgefragt und nachgehakt: Wohnraumsituation in Großstädten

Dirk Löhr

Am 22. Juni haben wir über die Initiative von Global Change Now e.V.  (GCN) „Wohnraumsituation in den Großstädten“ berichtet.

Die zugrundeliegende Anfrage an die Parlamentarier des Deutschen Bundestages ist hier einsehbar: 203 more words


Quick Thoughts: Survived My First Tax Exam Today

So today we had our first examination in our federal taxation essentials course. The initial exam was on the first few chapters of our text, which covered a general overview of federal taxation, tax compliance, authority, & regulation, basic individual taxation, and gross income. 35 more words

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