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The Vow: Holding their Feet to the Fire

The three Unionist party leaders made a vow to deliver Scotland “extensive new powers”, according to a timetable outlined by Gordon Brown. Whilst there has been debate about slippage of the early elements, the key timetable promises are: 1,181 more words

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Go claim your losses

Not many are aware that losses from robbery, theft, embezzlement, fires, storms or other casualty are allowed deductions for businessmen and companies during the taxable year they were sustained. 237 more words


The Laffer Curve and Limits to Class Warfare Tax Policy

I’m a big advocate of the Laffer Curve.

Simply stated, it’s absurdly inaccurate to think that taxpayers and the economy are insensitive to changes in tax policy. 1,115 more words

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Mayor Barbara Piltaver Issues a Letter to All Village Employees Reminding Them That Political Activity During Work Hours is Prohibited: Is this a sword or a shield ?

So was the letter signed by Mayor Barbara Piltaver and  issued with the employees’ paychecks on Friday meant to request the highest level of professionalism from the Village employees on the public payroll or was it reflective of a deep concern and paranoia by Mayor Piltaver that the employees are displeased with her leadership and will work against her in any future  elections ? 74 more words

Breaking News: Residents to Have a Say!

By Andrew Richter

Only with the Met Council would this be news;

The Metropolitan Council has released a public comment draft of its latest Regional Transportation Policy Plan (TPP), and metro residents will be allowed to give input on their community’s transit needs. 471 more words