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Pittsburgh - A City of Low Taxes

Every neighborhood in Pittsburgh has unbelievably low property taxes, but the beautiful neighborhood of Hazelwood, located along the Monongahela River, is an especially good example of how low taxes in Pittsburgh can be. 211 more words


Obama’s Plan for a Backdoor Internet Tax

by James Gattus  the daily signal

Will the Federal Communications Commission tax the Internet?

It’s very possible, said FCC commissioner Mike O’Reilly at a conference sponsored by the Free State Foundation in Washington on Friday. 145 more words


A Modest Proposal

We all know that corporations are taxed based on their annual profit. Yet this profit can be endlessly manipulated using depreciation and a whole plethora of loopholes. 128 more words


It's Not Easy Being An Empire

These days, the United States is frequently compared to the Roman empire. Usually the comparison is made by those warning about our demise, either because we’re militarily overstretched or too accepting of homosexuality as a part of our culture. 318 more words

Vermont dumps Jonathan Gruber over his "stupidity of the American voters" comment

  Consider this to be your feel-good story in a week which has been less than stellar to say the least. In the wake of Jonathan Gruber’s “the stupidity of the American voters” comment controversy, and all that has ensued since then, the state of Vermont has terminated its contract with the beleaguered Obamacare architect. 212 more words


Transcript: President Obama's immigration address

Did you listen to President Obama’s Immigration speech? Basically, if you’ve been in the States for over five years, you can stay as long as you pay taxes. 2,259 more words


Thursday Crud *%@!&%!

My morning started an hour early with a special education meeting. The kid is in honors classes but gets special education services. This makes no sense to me. 488 more words

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