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Michigan Tax Facts - #1: The Republican Plan Doesn't Work

We’ve finally made it to the #1 Michigan tax fact: Republicans promised that increasing the tax load on families and seniors to pay for a massive tax break for corporations would create jobs, but it hasn’t worked. 80 more words


When is a Replacement Levy Not a Replacement Levy?

The following is an editorial submitted to the Blue Blog by Gahanna resident Glenn Reid.

When is a Replacement Levy not a Replacement Levy?

I, like most homeowners, never fully appreciated what went into the taxation formula for translating mills to dollars.   726 more words


FATCA and America's Foreign Tax Problem

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)is currently causing a huge amount of problems for those Americans who live abroad. In many caess, “Live abroad” is better defined as: America considers you American because one of your parents was American and the IRS is damned well going to get its money. 984 more words


Senator Dick Durbin to Walgreens: Stay in Illinois or else....

Senator Durbin is the second most powerful Democrat in the Senate. Illinois has the highest taxes in America so companies are leaving in droves. Time to whip out the… 389 more words

True Talking Points

Cutting Costs? Check Your Income!

Many times when we are in business there comes a time when we start to look at ways that we can save money. Most of us begin by looking at our expenses. 626 more words


Baseline Budgeting; Washington's Bait and Switch

The beginning of the article gives you some background on how we came to have our current budget process, leading up to the advent of baseline budgeting. 744 more words