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Repost - Facebook - November 5, 2010 - Quick comment on the e-tax

Reposted from Facebook Quick comment on the e-taxNovember 5, 2010

Prop A passed. Now what?

It seems like a lot of online discussion related to the e-tax is trending toward repealing it, and letting KC suffer. 362 more words

Repost - Blogger - October 28, 2010 - Vote No on Prop A

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Vote No On Prop A - October 28, 2010


This November 2nd, voters in Missouri will be asked to vote on Proposition A, which is an outright attack on the primary revenue sources of Kansas City and Saint Louis. 1,169 more words

Racine - A City Under Financial Siege

A short review of the Audited Financial Statements for The City of Racine, 2009 versus 2012. The Audited Financial Statements can be downloaded for your own viewing from The City of Racine Finance Department. 1,281 more words


How ronald jesus reagan and art laffer – with help from “reagan democrats” – killed America’s middle class.



Higher Taxes

The New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn is positively giddy about tax day (see here).  Echoing the first George Bush, Cohn wants everybody to “read his lips.” Except unlike Bush, Cohn is demanding more new taxes rather than no new taxes.   484 more words


Where has all your Social Security Gone, ????? You should read this right away.

If you get any Social Security at all in any manner, you might want to read.

Did you know this?   Unfortunately most  did not, and I am one of those whose Social Security  funds are direct deposited to my bank, thus, I never see the checks. 

523 more words