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Fed are raking in the dough … and still spending more than they get.

The WH-OMB estimates that, in FY 2014, the federal government will collect a record amount in inflation-adjusted tax revenues (i.e. taxes) while still running a deficit, 86 more words


New Tax Cronyism Report

I recently was involved with gathering research for a report published by the American Legislative Exchange Council, titled The Unseen Costs of Tax Cronyism: Favoritism and Foregone Growth… 289 more words

Maximum Obamacare fine — or tax, whatever — set at $2,448 per person

Depends on who you ask. And when.

MORE: Federal officials set maximum fine for not buying health insurance at $2,448 per person: apne.ws/1AdaHkV
The Associated Press (@AP) …

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Where Were These People When Prop 23 was on Ballot?

Joel Fox Editor of Fox & Hounds and President of the Small Business Action Committee, writes Cost An Issue in Environmental Friendly CA

The new Public Policy Institute of California poll on the environment shows that Californians continue to be strong for environmental protections, but standing up for the environment weakens when a price tag is attached.

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Climate Change

Vote 'NO' on Proposal 1 - Elimate Michigan's Personal Property Tax? Vote 'NO'!

Is anyone watching Michigan’s revenue chicken coop?  Because somebody’s about to steal more revenue “eggs” from our nests.  On Tuesday, August 4, we should all vote ‘NO’ on Proposal 1… 679 more words

Just Too Jucy To Ignore!

The revelation that Michael Moore, the fat king of the Occupy movement who rants against the “1%” is himself one of the 1%, is just too juicy to ignore! 122 more words


It's time for America to make a choice

The above picture is not a Scientific experiment. However, it’s a succinct reflection of the wealth of evidence, including one randomized controlled trial (the gold standard for intervention effects), which shows that free and readily available contraception does not increase the number of population sexual acts, but does reduce the number of unwanted children and the number of abortions. 142 more words