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Editorial: Keeping our youth with student debt

 The Manatee presents Ernie Bunting’s second editorial cartoon.


Tips from IRS for Year-End Gifts to Charity

11-25-14 WASHINGTON ― The Internal Revenue Service today reminded individuals and businesses making year-end gifts to charity that several important tax law provisions have taken effect in recent years. 705 more words


8 Yearend Tax Planning Tips

With only _______ shopping days before Christmas and you want me to read a blog post about tax planning?   Sounds crazy, but not everyone celebrates Christmas, almost everyone pays taxes. 421 more words


New study calls for tax-system overhaul to combat income inequality

OTTAWA – A new research paper for the C.D. Howe Institute says Canada can help combat rising income inequality by taxing people separately for their paycheque and investment income. 237 more words


Canada Revenue Agency admits it disclosed confidential tax info to CBC, blames human error

TORONTO — The Canada Revenue Agency confirmed late Tuesday that it has accidentally disclosed confidential taxpayer information to the CBC.

The agency said the document was ”accidentally released” through human error and acknowledges this ”constitutes a serious breach of privacy.” 263 more words


examples of wasted money in Maryland government

this won’t be a full list. just some things I can think of. I will edit and add as I think of new things.

  • the electronic signs outside the schools that say “closed for spring break” or “go panthers”….
  • 39 more words

Obama Threatens To Veto Congress\'s Plan To Give Corporations A $400 Billion Tax Cut

Is THIS the people’s choice? Tax breaks for corporations, from the same party that whines about deficits? DO tax breaks for corporations REALLY stimulate the economy? 35 more words