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You dropped a bomb on me! Dr. Peter Phillips sings with the budget Gap band. Time to burn rubber.

I distinctly recall Finance Minister Peter Phillips being reported as stating last January, “We don’t have plans for taxation. We have plans for tax reform, generally.  555 more words

Refund scam is taxing on some KC area residents

LEAWOOD, Kan. — It’s a “taxing” rip-off, as if getting your taxes done is taxing enough!

But now something else to worry about as the tax deadline passes. 779 more words



As our economy gets better we see unemployment going down, jobs coming to Henry County, and our property values increasing. Zillow shows in 2013 McDonough home values increasing over 17%. 86 more words

Gary Barham

The US Taxation System

As my inaugural post just after the deadline for tax filing for those US residents living in the US, I thought that I would share an interesting commentary on the tax system that I came across today from… 173 more words


'How dare you bastards move here and bring your business, after we invited you.'

Now that the discussion of the Sriracha plant moving is taking on tones of actual possibility, Irwindale’s city attorney is acting confused about Tran’s response:

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Good Grief

Oh Good. Tax Time.

Well look at us! We did it…we’re right at the start of a long weekend! Is there anything better in life than a short work week? 208 more words


The Biggest Destroyers of Wealth

It’s ironic that most of the time the solution is right in front of our noses but is hard to see because of our addiction. It is obvious to the alcoholic that all he needs to do is stop drinking. 543 more words