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Commercial base tax is forthcoming

by Phil Ambroziak

All’s fair in love and taxes.

That’s why City of Meadow Lake officials have taken the first steps necessary in eventually introducing a new tax system designed to level the playing field for all commercial and industrial businesses operating within the municipality. 574 more words

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Ontario woman can claim $17,500 tax deduction for winter in Thailand: Court

For the second year in a row a court has decided that a Thunder Bay woman suffering from chronic pain can deduct the cost of spending the winter in a hot climate. 470 more words


Lawsuit aims at Vanguard's at-cost structure

A federal lawsuit filed New York last year and unsealed this week charges that Vanguard has avoided paying about $1 billion in federal taxes and $20 million in New York taxes the past 10 years. 138 more words


Are Tax Cuts Working in Kansas?

And speaking of the deficit, it’s sure ironic that Professor Krugman is bemoaning one in Kansas when he’s spent the past five years bellyaching about the effects of deficit hawks in Washington who kept the stimulus smaller than he wanted it.

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Lessons from the Death of the Aussie Carbon Tax

Rather, utilities passed their costs to households—whose energy bills soared by 20 percent in the first year. Other industries that face hyper-competitive environment such as airlines suffered massive losses.

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Child Immigration & It's Effects On Maryland...

Dre’s breakfastbite.. What are your thoughts on child immigration and Maryland being one of the destinations? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #Tuesday

 Keisha Henson I have nothing against those who want to come here to make a better way for their families, and my only issue is those that come here just to make legal babies and collect welfare with no hopes of working for it. 668 more words