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Uber Cranks Up In Las Vegas Then Told To Idle

(Las Vegas, NV) — There’s a new way to commute in Las Vegas. Maybe ?

Uber, a smartphone app which matched passengers with drivers, launched operations in Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City on Friday. 145 more words


Cat grass lament

Our new cat, Miss Bunny Drummond, loves cat grass. I caught her sleeping with her head on the wire cage over the pot where it sometimes grows. 20 more words

Uber, Economic Regulation, and the Open Market

In municipalities throughout Nova Scotia, as is the case across much of the Western world, local councilors are responsible for regulating the taxicab industry. This process primarily entails controlling prices and restricting licenses, as well as implementing safety regulations. 638 more words


Why Uber Is In Trouble In Alabama, And Everywhere Else

UPDATE:  Enjoy an update about Uber in Tuscaloosa from Mayor Walt Maddox.

Uber is a technology company service that allows ordinary people to give rides to other people for a fee, it’s basically a ride sharing service.   610 more words


#Job #offer: @UBER make hirings in Kazakhstan capitals, pliz.

Seeking all job applicants: General Manager, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Azamat make extensive use of hashtag signage and weird curly monkey-tail sign he do not know name of, because today, CamelPuller electro-gazette make #JOB #OFFERINGS from @ 36 more words


Where madness crashes into sanity - Mark Levin and stinkin' San Diego cabs

Round about the 1hr 46m 20sec mark of this broadcast, the Ranter’s Ranter Mark Levin picks up on a story from San Diego, in which the city fathers have ordered cab drivers to attend to their personal hygiene with greater vigilance, after a swathe of complaints about smelly taxis. 34 more words


A City Without Faces

Last week, I spent three days in Boston while on business. There’s no more stately city on the East Coast, in my opinion, than this colorful patchwork of brick and steel, cobblestone and concrete, shade-dappled neighborhoods and gleaming towers of industry. 819 more words