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All Things Being Equal

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella can’t catch a break. A programmer by trade he has never had to deal with the press before on human resource issues. 558 more words


NYPD has paid close to half a billion dollars in settlements since 2009

NYPD has paid out $428 million in settlements in the last five years.

The staggering numbers were obtained by MuckRock, who has published the complete list. 68 more words


The City Hall Annex Debacle

Have you heard about the City Hall Annex?  This is one of the SINGLE WORSE DECISIONS EVER MADE by the City Council, and it happened behind closed doors. 1,340 more words

2014-10-09: Council poised to go rogue and pass OCP

Email from City of Port Moody, Friday, Oct. 10, 2014, 4:29 pm

“OCP Adoption at October 14th Council Meeting

Please be advised that the new Port Moody Official Community Plan is included on the October 14th… 226 more words

Tax payers money is wasted on the drugs war

From presidents to the dogs on the street, everyone agrees that the war on drugs is an utter failure. It has made criminals out of decent human beings. 319 more words


Protect Yourself – Identity Theft and the IRS

– By Quinn Hart

Identity theft used to be one of those things that only happened to someone else.

With every store clerk asking for our email addresses and phone numbers, giving our credit and debit card numbers to pay for everything, at some point you kind of start to feel immune to it, thinking everyone has all of this information already.  532 more words


New Exception to PFIC Reporting for Mark-to-Market Taxpayers

The IRS recently announced in Notice 2014-51, 2014-40 IRB that certain Mark-to-Market (“MTM”) taxpayers will be exempted from PFIC reporting rules, effective for tax years ending on or after December 31, 2013. 446 more words