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Will Bay Area Taxpayers Foot The Bill For Newly Added Super Bowl 50 Events?

SANTA CLARA (KCBS)— Santa Clara officials have unveiled a dozen additional events leading up to the 2016 Super Bowl at Levi’s Stadium, but taxpayers could end up footing the bill. 157 more words


Eight things to learn from 'tax-dodging fugitive' Boris

Boris Johnson made the news again today, following his unwillingness to pay US taxes. But from becoming a walrus, to the pittance of £250,000, here are 8 things you could learn from Britain’s most popular politician. 618 more words


Olympic Stadium could cost taxpayer over £650m

Taxpayers could be forced to foot a bill of up to £671m as the Olympic Stadium continues its renovation.

Over £500m of public money has already been spent on the construction and adaptation of the stadium, but construction firm Balfour Betty has asked for more cash to help modify the stadium for West Ham United. 126 more words


Why people without children should still vote for trustees

While students are a focus, the mission statement in the BC School Act’s Preamble also addresses “a healthy, democratic and pluralistic society and a prosperous and sustainable economy.” 328 more words


Cameron promises £15 BILLION for road works to gain votes (#politics #UK #austerity)

Cameron is never shy in prostituting himself and taxpayer’s money as he promises key marginal seats (which the Conservatives must hold or win in the upcoming general election to be in with a chance of returning to government) road improvements. 427 more words

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Executive 2014-2015

Thank you to the wonderful people who have worked so hard for the last year(s) on behalf of the taxpayers in Widdifield Township ( City of North Bay).   46 more words

The Problem of Economic Double Taxation

Economic double taxation is the taxation of business profits twice, once in the corporation tax computation and the other in the computation of income tax; once dividends have been paid to shareholders (there may also be more tax in the forms of capital gains when shares are sold). 335 more words