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FDA approves Honey Buns as Nutritious

Has the FDA declared honey buns and sodas along with candy and many other unhealthy foods and drinks to be nutritious? Are they listed on the government nutrition chart? 275 more words

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HHS says there is too much "churn" in the system to measure who now has #subsidized or #taxpayer covered insurance but previously had individual or employer-sponsored coverage – THOUGHTS?

John Keys Amnesia and blindness shakes the world

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Keys, has dominated the news lately. Reports of constant bouts of amnesia, now followed by episodes of blindness, have been reported from the tiny nation of around 4 million people. 297 more words

BigWind's Last Gasp (without handouts from taxpayers)

It is time for the BigWind baby to be weaned from its poor parent, the USA taxpayer. After 30 years of subsidies, it is time to kick this kid out the door to survive on his own.   461 more words

Actions Have Consequences - Or Do They? Will the Tulsa Chamber hold Mike Neal accountable for his Actions?

Last week an invitation was issued for a fundraiser in honor of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, (best known for selling her vote in support of PPACA (ObamaCare) for $300 million in additional concessions to support Louisiana’s Medicaid system, which became known as “The Louisiana Purchase.”), … 720 more words


Australia - tax guidance on bitcoin published on 20 August 2014

The Australian tax authority released a number of draft tax determinations and a guidance paper, in which it states that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not money or foreign currency for taxation purposes. 189 more words


Angels, Piña Coladas, and the Net Investment Income Tax

– By Quinn Hart

This time last year, you were living it up.  You were sitting on a beach sipping a piña colada, looking out over the vast and beautiful ocean, thinking back over your successes during the last couple of years.  657 more words