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Taylor Momsen Appreciation Post

I would like to take a moment to speak about my idol. The girl that I channel when I need to find a pair of balls, the girl that I channel when I need to put someone in their place, the girl that I look up to. 400 more words


Six Pop Stars Who Look Like Pokemon

Who needs a spirit animal when you can look like an adorable monster from a children’s card game? This seems to be the attitude that many pop superstars have taken as they rock Pokemon-inspired looks or just stop looking human all together. 116 more words


Rock N' Roll

The things I’m snob about. Well, there is one. So I am a rock and roll music fan. You know, AC/DC, avenged sevenfold, metallica and so on. 219 more words


First post ah

Hello friends!

I thoroughly apologize for neglecting this blog. School has been kicking my ass and I just have not had the time to dedicate it. 281 more words


Day Three - Going To Hell

Desided today I would start drawing the beautiful tayler momsen from the pretty reckless! I’m very tired today so I may finish the drawing tomorrow with its shading and outlines!


'Light Me Up' album - a review

Quickpickle time!

Now, when I say ‘The Pretty Reckless’, I know most of you will automatically think of their hit song ‘Make Me Wanna Die’, which was released in May of 2010 and soared to the top of the charts. 308 more words

Quick Pickle

Taylor Momsen: Style book

Did a styling book about Taylor Momsen for my Elements and Principle Design class because she is totally my fashion icon. I decided to do a magazine with a reference book appeal because I wanted a professional feel in terms of layout and content. 156 more words

Grotesque Paperboats