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So since Masonry Man was the leadoff song on Hodder To Hell. 57-90 is the final song on Hodder To Hell track #8 to be precise! 760 more words

Current River

How to find data source of a slicer for a pivot table via the Excel UI?

Note: I don’t think it makes any fundamental difference, but I am working with pivot tables running on top of a PowerPivot model.

Example scenario: … 184 more words


SONIC WAVES....Current River/Masonry Man

The WORLD PREMIERE ┬áVIDEO ┬áRELEASE OF….(21 years later)

As 1992 rolled into 1993 January to be precise. From Tbay a part of town that housed no Rock N Roll came Rock N Roll in the form of Current River named after the part of the city that TBone and myself grew up in! 527 more words

Current River

SQL function to parse multiple delimited id's (lead delimiter only) in a column and replace with text from table

I have a varchar column in a table containing values in this form:

  when @62159 >= @62160 then 1
  when @62160 <= 0  or (@62159 <0) then 0
  else @62159 / @62160
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