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Of Theatre And Dreams

A theatre student with stage fright, is not the best oxymoron when it comes to surviving three of your so called “formative years” in a brand new environment miles away from home, when the safety of your bedroom, where you’ve endlessly re-enacted those tired lines from your favourite musical, is suddenly replaced with the “massive” stage. 381 more words


Community Fights Rearguard Action as Govt Sale Issues Start to Pile Up

The Community Campaign for Sunvale Community Park has been buoyed with news that the State Government sale has hit a number of obstacles.

Enviro Concerns as Resident Evacuations Hit News… 477 more words

Every profession needs their champions (Day 23)

Patrons, envoys, role models, ambassadors, champions. Call them what you want, but symbolic leaders are valuable in all walks of life. Should professions be any different? 462 more words

Geoff Maitland

The Concept Engine

The man looked up at the giant building and its rows of blinding mirrored windows. “The Idea is Simple,” read the slogan emblazoned on the sign. 823 more words

Series And Serials


The Clothing Exchange (TCE) is one of those ideas that just makes sense. Everyone has at least one thing in their wardrobe that no longer fits, is never worn or that just screams ‘what was I thinking?’