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Write clean tests with NFluent

I believe in automated testing. Not only to check that my program works but although as specifications and documentation for my application. When an acceptance test… 435 more words

Development Practices


Refactor means change the implementation without changing the functionality.

Idea is that changing both at the same time is complex and error prone.

Check out Martin Fowler’s… 20 more words

It's All About Tests - Part 3

In the previous two posts I discussed mostly about the philosophy and attitude of developing with testing.
In this post I give some tips and tools examples for testing. 802 more words


Cucumber Spring Integration

I have a normal Spring-enabled project arranged as a Maven project. There were already JUnit tests in the project, along with the requisite Spring configuration. 1,287 more words


Don't Fight The Framework - Unit Testing On Sitecore Pt I

Before I can proceed on in the Life Through A Lens series of blog posts, I thought I would cover something that has been somewhat of a bug bear of mine since I started working on the Sitecore platform, this is Unit Testing. 1,591 more words


Learning Java from TDD by Kent Beck

I’ve just finished my second read-through of Test Driven Development by Kent Beck (thank you to Austin at Pivotal for loaning it to me!). Even on the second read, I must liken my experience of reading it to that of watching this lightsaber battle: 640 more words


It's All About Tests - Part 2

This is the second post of the series about testing.
In the first part I explained about the mindset we need to have while developing with tests. 833 more words