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A humorous view of Test Driven Development.

I am not necessarily against TDD but I do like this tongue-in-cheek take on it.


Implement a LinkedList with TDD

I encountered an simple trivial problem in one of the interview I had performed.

“Implement a LinkedList”

I thought I got this question. Who doesn’t know LinkedList? 948 more words


Test Driven Development

Is Testing a Waste of Time?

Testing is one of the most important process in software development. I have experience working with codebase with no tests at all. 749 more words


I'm calling it! Is design synthesis or requirement automation a reality today?

After devoting my post graduate years in automated design synthesis, at times I feel the need to evaluate the relevance of my work against modern tool chains and trends. 210 more words


JMockit for testing

One of the tenets of agile, or really any approach to developing software these days is good test coverage. QVCS-Enterprise has some unit tests and… 212 more words


Learn to be a genius in a day

I got the ‘Learn Ruby in a Day’ book by Richard Wagstaff, to bootstrap my understanding of Ruby’s syntax, and found the title to be incorrect.   645 more words

TV Series Renamer Written in Node

I found myself in the situation the other day where I had a season of a TV show that needed renaming sequentially to clean up the file names.   1,100 more words