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99 problems, but TDD ain't one

Earlier today,  David Heinemeier Hansson, whom I deeply respect published this post:

TDD is dead. Long live testing.

I get the impression DHH is rightfully complaining about what… 162 more words


Approaching TDD (again)

Nice introduction with simple code to get the idea

Take a hike

No really, take a hike.

It’s great exercise, you’re out in the fresh air and spending some time with nature. What you might not associate with hiking is software development but that’s one way I explain Test Driven Development (TDD) to people. 335 more words

Introducing Blink: An Entity Framework Database-reset tool for TDD.

I’ve just started a new open source project you might be interested in if you use both TDD and Entity Framework 6.1.0.

It’s called Blink, and you can get hold of the… 257 more words

Java-based Akka actors and work flows - part 3.

Part 3 of this series is a short one, concerning simply showing that our Akka actors run concurrently.

Starting with the code; I’ll explain the differences between this and the previous posts code. 690 more words


Managers and Individual Contributors in Code

I’m lucky to work for a company that makes it possible to have a good technical career, so that I don’t have to become a manager just to get more money. 1,472 more words

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