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Let's Talk About TDD

One should be prepared to receive ninety-nine percent of an enemy’s attack and stare death right in the face in order to illumine the Path.” – Morihei Ueshiba…

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Apex Unit Test Best Practice

This post provides some general best practices in regard to Apex Unit Tests. This isn’t a definitive list by any means, as such I’ll update the content over time. 931 more words


Day 3

I don’t feel like writing detailed recaps, so here is a brief outline of what we did today.

  • At 9am two students from the senior cohort (I am in the September (junior) cohort, which started on September 15th; the senior cohort started 6 weeks before us) gave us a lecture on…
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Coding Bootcamp

Scala Test-Driven Development (TDD): Unit Testing File Operations with Specs2 and Mockito

In this article we’ll go through the exercise of writing a method that will write string content to the specified file. There will be an option to specify whether we should overwrite an existing file. 1,179 more words


The Clean Coder : Test Driven Development

I’m sure you have already heard of Test Driven Development or TDD since it has been introduced in the Extreme Programming (XP) methodology in the late 90’s by… 282 more words


Veteran of the Process Wars

Tokyo. I’m still in Tokyo. I wake up, rub the sleep from my eyes, and roll out of bed. As I rise I take a quick look at my watch for any new emails. 665 more words