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Exploratory Unit Tests for Ninject

I read an excellent book recently, Dependency Injection in .NET by Mark Seeman. Oh boy, I should have read it 2 years ago before I started playing seriously with DI. 99 more words

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IASA Israel Meeting - Lior Israel on TDD as an Approach for Software Design

The International Association of Software Architects (IASA) in Israel organized a special event with the participation of Lior Israel, who talked about the “TDD as an Approach for Software Design”. 323 more words


Testing in Agile Methodology

A piece of software is as good as its testing process. Software development is an incremental engineering so requirements and design keep on changing and never be fixed and final; in-fact things which are unchanged and not updated from long time soon becomes obsolete. 667 more words


Grails UnitTesting & Deployment

Unit Testing
GrailsUnitTestCase and GroovyTestCase both extend JUnit 3.x TestCase.MVC Unit Test case will extend GrailsUNitTest case and delegate the test case control to ControllerUnitTestCase and TagLibUnitTestCase… 292 more words


OSX gem guard in guard-phpunit terminal notification

gurd-phpunit + terminal notification:

I am on the way reading Jeffrey Way Testing Book – Laravel Testing Decoded. I followed the way to install guard-phpunit. However it failed. 353 more words

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Test First Design Benefits

One of the things I like about writing tests first is that it makes me write code which is easy to work with.  Of course this depends on your definition of easy, so I’ll give an example. 787 more words