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Testing Private JavaScript : “To Test, Or Not To Test”

Testing private JavaScript, that is JavaScript in closures, has always been a dilemma for the JavaScript Developer that wants to practice TDD. There have been many debates and schools of thought around this. 1,171 more words


Fixturies: The speed of fixtures and the maintainability of factories

We had a rails app. We used factories in our tests, and it took ten minutes to run them all.  That was too slow. ( 508 more words


Learning the Joy of Testing!

I dropped the ball this weekend- I didn’t get to do the Ruby track of codecademy like I’d planned, but I managed to do the first few sections earlier this week, making it about a quarter of the way through. 290 more words


Um pouco mais de Protractor

Ano novo, projeto novo. E no projeto onde comecei a trabalhar este ano resolvemos que novas funcionalidades só serão desenvolvidas quando todas as funcionalidades já existentes estiverem cobertas por testes automatizados. 588 more words

Teste De Software

Connascence of Meaning

In the previous article I wrote a test, made it pass, and then refactored away the strongest coupling. That coupling took the form of some Connascence of Value between the test and the Checkout. 1,023 more words

Software Development

Style Checking (linting) Node.js Apps

Style checking (aka linting) is a vital part of any application development process. Sloppy coding practices increase the chances of coding errors and other problems later on, and style checking can help flag many coding problems to keep your code clean. 802 more words


Object Oriented, Test Driven Design in C# and Java


Providing performance-optimised frameworks is both a practical and theoretical compulsion. Thus far, my posts have covered my own bespoke frameworks designed to optimise performance or enhance security. 730 more words