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Fashion with Character: Zoe Hart of 'Hart of Dixie'

Big city girl stuck in a small town is a tale we have all heard of, but what happens when a big city girl willingly… 325 more words

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Someecard of the Week 04/13/2014

Each week The Daily Quirk scours Someecards for cards that get our staff laughing and pick one to be Someecard of the Week here on the site to share the fun with you. 44 more words

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VIDEO: An Inside Look at Ink Fusion Tattoo Festival at Megacon

The Daily Quirk got to take an inside look at the Ink Fusion Tattoo Festival at Megacon in Orlando, FL, to find out from two of the festival’s artists, Kelly Rogers and Mike Bianco, just what makes the world-travelling tattoo festival which specializes in sci-fi and comic book tattoo artistry, including… 255 more words

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Five ways to salvage a smudged mani!

We’ve all had this moment: You just got your nails done and then suddenly that perfect glossy finish gets smudged. Ahhh! How? When you get your nails done the topcoat may appear and even feel dry, but the coats of polish underneath are not dry. 496 more words

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10 Gifs or Less: Getting to know HBO's ‘Girls’

Many people only know HBO’s Girls as the show where Lena Dunham is frequently naked. And, while there is quite a bit of nudity throughout the series, it shouldn’t be the only thing people focus on. 273 more words

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The Best Sites to Discover New Music...Free!

The best things in life are free…Right? That’s how the quote goes at least. I stand by that statement because it’s true! Why would I want to pay for something when I don’t have to? 970 more words

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Floral Frenzy: Six Pieces for Spring by Kelsey Murray of Tickle Me Pink

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

The spring I am in a floral frenzy!

Everywhere I turn there is a product that I immediately add to my wish list. 579 more words

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