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Honda Integra

Keep it fresh, keep it functional. This happens to be my favorite integra series. NOTHING else. Where i live is the reason i hate it so much. 13 more words


Photoshop: Aimgain x Rocket Bunny

Playing around with some ideas last night and I think I actually lost sleep because yesterday because I’ve been thinking about how I can put the FRS together in a way that’s even the slightest bit different than the rest of the crowd but still love it. 287 more words

Ryan O'Hara's Honda Civic EP3: Version 21

Finally able to get around to writing this up for Ryan. I’ve had his pics done since the day I shot this a few weeks ago but always got pulled away from the write up every time I sat down to do it! 1,021 more words

No Such Thing as Too Much TE37

Finally got some shoes for the FRS in yesterday. Thanks to Ben at AJR for hooking them up off of his BRZ and to Jackie Law for helping me out with getting them. 359 more words