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Frozen Carbon TE37 Render

So I’ve been going back and forth between colors for the TE37′s – at times, I thought I was just going to keep them red and run with it for a season, other times I’m convinced that I hate the color and I’m not going to keep them. 133 more words

[Product Spotlight] VR TE37RT ( Black Edition )

If I had to choose a favorite wheel of all time, I know it’s gonna something from Rays Engineering. They’re one of the few if only manufacturer who can take a wheel that’s close to 20 years old and continue to reinvent it to keep up and exceed today’s standards of wheel manufacturing. 15 more words


Wheel Color Choices #FirstWorldProblems

I seem to go through this dilemma every few years where I want a new color for my wheels and I can’t decide on one. Ever since I got the Red TE37′s I’ve been questioning the color (as nice as they are) on the FRS. 141 more words

Widebody S2000 x Widebody NSX

Decided to go with a straight forward but eye-catching title for this post lol. These two beautiful widebodies are actually owned by one owner, believe it or not. 51 more words


And So It Begins...

I parked the FRS a week earlier just cause I don’t think I’ll have any time next week to do it and it was warm enough to wash and dry properly without getting chilly hands on Saturday. 437 more words

Arif's Honda Civic EK 2.0 - AKA Hollie

Hump day post!!

Last weekend we finally got out to shoot Arif’s car, and it was in the plan for a while but by Arif’s request, he wanted more of a “Fall-y” shoot so we waited a little longer until the leaves got a little more yellow and the weather was less “Summer-y” I guess you could say. 1,117 more words