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That Classic Look: Black Pearl R34 x TE37

I’ve been religiously checking out Yahoo Auctions recently for some fresh cars on sale in Japan and I’ve found quite a few gorgeous R34 GTRs as you can tell from my recent posts. 71 more words


Punit's Acura Integra Edit

Here’s a little filler for you guys.
Decided to go back and look at some older photos again from the summer and see if I can spruce up on my editing skills a little more for next year. 490 more words

"Ultra" Blue GTR

Well, I tried to be smart with the title of this post so I hope most of you guys get it lol.

Photos via MINKARA… 16 more words


Frozen Carbon TE37 Render

So I’ve been going back and forth between colors for the TE37’s – at times, I thought I was just going to keep them red and run with it for a season, other times I’m convinced that I hate the color and I’m not going to keep them. 133 more words

[Product Spotlight] VR TE37RT ( Black Edition )

If I had to choose a favorite wheel of all time, I know it’s gonna something from Rays Engineering. They’re one of the few if only manufacturer who can take a wheel that’s close to 20 years old and continue to reinvent it to keep up and exceed today’s standards of wheel manufacturing. 15 more words


Wheel Color Choices #FirstWorldProblems

I seem to go through this dilemma every few years where I want a new color for my wheels and I can’t decide on one. Ever since I got the Red TE37’s I’ve been questioning the color (as nice as they are) on the FRS. 141 more words