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Vanilla Crumb Cake

I was actually planning on making another tea cake recipe today – for a similar plain vanilla cake but due to the circumstances, I had to find another recipe to make. 533 more words

Charlotte Food Blogger

Blondie Tea Cake

Oh my…right smack dab in the middle of that Blondie Cake are two chopstick sized testing holes. Missed that one amidst ¬†grading over 50 midterms, quizzes and final assignments. 144 more words


It ain't fall until someone bakes up some pumpkin

Well, two posts in a week…¬† That’s a little scary, and let’s not set this up as an unmeetable precedent.¬† However, I took a couple of minutes and baked an absolutely delightful fall treat and I needed to share. 384 more words


Lemon Crumble Blackberry Tea Cake

Thoroughly Nourished Home Update: Our house is now officially a cleared piece of dirt! This is exciting news friends because only a few weeks ago there were still a few old houses and some scrubby trees in the place where our new townhouse will stand next year. 689 more words

Gluten Free

Maple & Market @ Cassia Crescent - Cheery Homemade Cakes

Friends and I talked about visiting this place for over a year, but we never got around to doing it because we are way too used to our comfort zone in the West. 215 more words


Nectarine Tea Cake {gluten-free}

Got a bunch of end of season nectarines getting mushy in your fridge? A sweet teacake might just be the answer. And the handy thing is it doesn’t have to be nectarines, you can throw in any stone fruit that’s taking up your fridge space. 249 more words


Carrot, Raisin and Nut Cake

“Carrot cake…carrot cake…(huff, puff..) …..carr…ot…ca…ke” is my chant for the week village jog up and down the winding slopes of Colvale every day to eat my desserts and treats guilt free. 404 more words