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Tea Review: Global Tea Hut Sheng Puerh Tea

To tell you the truth, I’ve never been a continuous Puerh tea drinker. I don’t even remember the last time I drank it. The underlying reason for that is I kind of get the impression that Puerh teas are the most complicated of all teas and it takes a lot of competency to really appreciate it. 380 more words

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Tea Time at Reverie: Teasenz's Jasmine Dragon Pearls

I have a confession to make – actually, two confessions. First, I adore the scent of jasmine. Regardless of whether it’s coming from a perfume, body wash, or candle, the lilting and exotic fragrance draws me under its spell every time. 869 more words


Flowering Tea: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Flowering tea (Also called blooming tea or tea flower) has quickly gained worldwide popularity not only because of its rich taste and flavor but also largely due to the sophisticated and unique beauty and artistry that it displays. 532 more words

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Blue Samovar Teas

Blue Samovar are a relatively new tea company who sell both online and from their teahouse in Chipping Sodbury near Bristol. Their passion for good quality loose leaf tea came after a trip to Turkey where they really appreciated the amazing tea culture. 342 more words

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Tea Time at Reverie: Yezi Tea's Da Yu Ling Oolong Tea

Some of you may have read the above title and thought, “What on earth is oolong tea?” Well, it sits somewhere between black tea and green tea, because of the oxidation process. 973 more words


Tea Review: Jin Xuan Oolong Tea by Eco Cha Teas

Region : Nantou, Taiwan
Leaf Appearance: Tightly rolled ball shaped tea leaves.
Steeping: Gongfu Style
Liquor: Both dark and light green tea leaves

Not many things are as therapeutic as highly aromatic Taiwanese oolong teas when it comes to get rid of daily stress of your life, it’s a way of meditation. 227 more words

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Good Harvest

The Review

Whenever I leave the house in the morning my mother insists that I should eat before going to school. Since I am such a tea fanatic of course drinking tea is a standard at my breakfast table. 528 more words

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