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Tea Review: Buddha's Palm Oolong Tea by Global Tea Hut

Country : Pinglin, Taiwan
Dry tea leaves: Ball-shaped tea leaves with nutty and floral aroma.
Liquor: Crystal clear, golden yellow liquor with floral and fruity aroma. 103 more words

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Tea Review: Jungle Ju Ju

Type: ‘Maté’ according to David’s Tea, though Guayusa is a completely different plant. 

Instructions from packet: 1.25 tsp per cup, 85C water, 4-7 minutes steeping time… 228 more words

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Tea Review: Kirkland Signature Green Tea

Type: Green

Instructions from packet: Place the tea bag into your cup and power in hot water 80C (176F). The tag can be hooked on to the edge of the cup. 287 more words

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Tea Review: Whittard Zhejiang Gunpowder

My cousin Julie bought me this tea and sent it back from England with my mum. Whittard’s is apparently a famous tea house in London, though I assume they have branches in other parts of the UK too. 242 more words

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Tea Review: Chocolate Rocket

Dad got a pack of ‘energising’ teas as a gift a while ago, so I’ve decided to exploit it and use some of them. It’s also been a while since I wrote a tea review… Chocolate Rocket is in a lot of David’s Tea gift packs, so I’ve tried it before, I think, or maybe I’ve tried a sample at David’s Tea, or maybe I had some at Kate’s… I’m not really sure. 472 more words

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Diving into Hot Tea Month Tastebuds First

It’s January. Hot Tea Month. Normally, I ignore it. After all, tea is all day, all week, all month, and all year at our house. My gang of teapots, gaiwans, etc., collectively known as the Tea Gang, wouldn’t have it any other way. 376 more words


[Quick Review] Green Rooibos Bonita Tea

What’s this?! You mean to tell me I’m posting 2 reviews in 1 day? Oh yes…it’s happening guys. :)

I try not to open more than one tea box/sample at the same time. 340 more words