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My View on Tea

This is a post about different types of tea and my views on them. Those teas are green tea, oolong tea, black tea, white tea and other teas. 217 more words


Easter Bunny Stroopwafels

Who says chocolate bunnies are only for kids?

Let’s be honest, Easter isn’t Easter without a large chocolate bunny being involved.  These Easter Bunny Stroopwafels are the more enchanted version of those grand hollow Easter bunnies that children enjoy, with a measure of portion control thrown in.  641 more words

Today's Tea Choice

Last year, Twinings put out a limited edition “Australian Afternoon Tea” which has now become part of their regular range. I love it! It shares the characteristic “bright” flavour of other Twinings black teas, and is sufficiently robust that a single teabag can provide a full-flavoured mug without stewing too long and going bitter. 49 more words


red dragon pearls, thepuritea

I was incredibly saddened to see thepuriTea join the ranks of the now-defunct tea sites out there. They had an incredible amount of excellent tea, and while I grabbed quite a bit of my favorites, I will without a doubt miss them once they’re gone. 366 more words


pineapple cilantro cream, butiki teas

The best thing about reviewing tea on a blog, is that it’s rekindling a passion I’ve had for years and leading me to explore even more tea. 311 more words


Tea Review: Quangzhou Milk Oolong

I started liking oolong tea very recently, after a long time thinking I hated it (since I only tried really cheap oolong). I bought some small 2-3 cup sized packets at David’s Tea, and ended up really liking their… 193 more words

Tea Reviews

Can pirates drink tea?

Of course they can!  if only to break up the monotony of Rum all the time.

This week I tried a new tea from the… 22 more words

Tea Reviews