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My essentials: Un-stress and unwind

It’s been a long week of VBS (Vacation Bible School) at my church. The craft room is where I’ve been stationed, which inevitably leads so marker ink on my hands and glue stuck to my fingers. 293 more words

How to be happy; a simple guide.

When I think about our generation, certain ‘catch phrases’ and driving thoughts come to mind. We’re obsessively passionate about ‘pursuing our dreams’ and we’re the Kings and Queens of YOLO. 1,154 more words


Stormy weather.

There’s a storm cloud above my head today. He has made appearances on and off for a week now. The only way I know how to fend him off is to think about the things I am grateful for at the moment. 135 more words

Peach Blossom Puehr

This is the first in a series-ish thing of posts.
I have nine of these flavours of puehr, and this is the first – peach blossom. 79 more words

Sake Distillery Tour

Here’s a small tour of the “Turtle” sake company in Munakata, Fukuoka our counselor group went to. yesterday afternoon.  The company has been running in the same family for 11 generations (300 years). 14 more words


Bon voyage, Sammy B.

On February 17, my heart broke.

News came through that Sam Burgess was to depart at the end of the season and return to the land of tea, the Duchess of Cambridge and Geordie Shore.

the finest of afternoons

My mom told me once that (someone had told her) our minds seek harmony.

I think that’s true.  Balance, balance, balance.  One can never rest for danger of tipping the scales in one destructive direction or another, not truly, not completely…not here. 120 more words

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