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Barista for One Day

I am back again, and quicker than even I could have imagine!

First of all, I think it’s about time I thank everyone who visits my blog and even follows, I do hope you find some interesting content among my posts (which don’t account into too much at the moment). 563 more words


Adventures Buying Tea

I was standing in the isle at the grocery store looking for a white tea and I came across some a box that said white tea with some kind of fruit so I read the ingredients and the second on the list is green tea. 93 more words

Grocery Store Adventures

Rain Storm in Fall Form

An autumnal storm like last night’s is the perfect excuse to stay inside for an evening with a few of my favorite comforting items.  “Heart of the City” is one of my all-time favorite re-reads.   259 more words


Poetic Princess license

The spider count is now three. Three spiders in my house. I can’t sleep knowing they’re about.

It started with the bathtub spider. He’s dead, but he probably had friends. 215 more words

First World Problems

Friday Favorite: Monkey Picked Oolong Tea

Today’s ‘Friday Favorite’ pick is a tea that is both exotic and alluring. It’s bright orchid aroma lifts the clouds off of even the gloomiest of days. 201 more words


Has it only been a week?

السلام ءليكم!

I have been looking through my journal and also my photos to come up with the perfect first blog entry in country. The problem I am running across is that it is incredibly difficult to convey the complex series of events and emotions that I have been going through this past week. 1,260 more words

Peace Corps