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Intern Selection Process - Writing For Don Charisma

I’ve discussed with business partner Danny, and we only have the resources to manage one (maybe two) intern(s) on this the first Don Charisma intern program. 720 more words

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Fear - Don Charisma's Prompt

Today’s prompt – “Fear”


I went out for a walk, and something I was afraid to think about appeared. Often I brush it aside, which seems to magnify the effect. 829 more words

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Maths Trick To Fool Your Friends

A little maths problem I posted on my blog became one of my most popular posts, and still draws traffic daily from Google.

Here’s something for you guys to try out at home – don’t worry, there’s nothing difficult, only adding and subtracting, but make sure the difference between the 1st and 3rd digits is at least 2 in your number. 13 more words


Please Unfollow My Blog

REALLY ? SERIOUSLY ? You wasted both our time by posting a comment on my about page, for that ?

Look I don’t need to know if you unfollowed me, I’m not petty about it, we’re grown ups not kids playing school-yard games. 527 more words

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Great Trees And Great Queens

A beautiful tree sited at the Royal Holloway University, and from the main quad, a statue of Queen Victoria. Quite outstanding show of nature and from man. 6 more words


How To Block Abusive Stalkers

It’s come the time to talk about this and name the party responsible. He his the first to go on my public blacklist which will be located at : 1,525 more words


Announcement - Comments On Don Charisma Blog

Just a couple of quick announcements :

1. *ALL* comments on my blog will now go for moderation before appearing. I’m doing this because I’m finding it almost impossible to keep track of comments that I’ve read and not. 212 more words

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