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Art - Don Charisma's Prompt

Today’s prompt – “Art”


Contrary to popular belief, art isn’t the preserve of the extremely talented or skilled or “artistic” or perfect. You only have to visit the Tate modern in London, and see a piece of hardboard painted brown, or a stack of bars of soap on a string suspended from the ceiling to realise that art is for everyone. 480 more words

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Disapproval - Don Charisma's Prompt

Today’s prompt – “Disapproval”


A. Imagine someone disapproves of what you’ve said, what you’re doing or worse who you are. Imagine passive aggressive disapproval, ignoring, catty remarks, responsibility shifting, emotional projection (denial with blaming). 1,003 more words

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Status - Don Charisma's Prompt

Today’s prompt – “Status”


Imagine you’re a king or queen speaking to one of your minions, a mere serf, even a cat or a dog. 70 more words

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A Bit Annoyed With VideoPress

I’ve been posting my videos in VideoPress – it’s handy to have it integrated with WordPress.com and I thought that it’d be nicely integrated.

I didn’t expect massive traffic for my videos, really I’m just experimenting. 143 more words

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Spam Or Not Spam ?

Ok, so the jury is out on this one – that’s you guys … Just received this email from perhaps a genuine questioner, or could be a spammer … I’m erring to spammer at the moment … 375 more words

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Imagine - Don Charisma's Prompt

Today’s prompt – “Imagine”

NB. I’m changing from “writing prompt” to “prompt” as creativity extends to art, design etc, not just writing – so paint, draw or photograph with it if you want. 411 more words

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