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TGIF + Minimum day = Bliss

I went back to the same school from yesterday, which is the “smart school” of the district, where students have to pass tests to be admitted into the school. 358 more words


New Hebrew Word: כן


For a year now, I have been trying to stay on the path of learning fluent Hebrew. It’s been on and off, but I am determined to succeed in this goal. 23 more words


Women teaching Men

In 1 Timothy 2:11: it tells us that a woman should learn in quietness and full submission.

For years man has being using this verse telling a woman she is not to minister or preach, for it was a man who is to be called a minister or pastor. 225 more words


Assessment For Learning Tools: Mini Whiteboards

The use of mini whiteboards enables immediate feedback within the classroom. This formative assessment tool ensures full student participation in a discreet and purposeful manner. After asking a question, I like to give students a minutes to write their answers on the mini whiteboards. 41 more words


Assessment For Learning Tools: Paddle Pop Sticks

The Paddle Pop strategy encourages student participation and provides insight into student understanding. This strategy can be used as a substitute for the traditional system, in which students who either know the answer or are confident enough to guess raise their hands. 47 more words


Snakes & Ladders 5: Promoting Nutrition, Lawfulness & more...

On the last day of our Snakes & Ladders series, we look into practical and educational uses of the snakes and ladders game format.

In Latin American countries, they seem to be in love with… 1,172 more words


Relief Teaching Tools: Stage 3

Stage 3 – Year 5 & 6

The Lost Thing – Shaun Tan


  1. STEAL Character Analysis: Introduce STEAL Character Analysis and discuss how it can be used to deepen your understanding of a character.
  2. 190 more words