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Friday Feature

A little reflection to end the week on. Think about the things that are challenging you. Now start thinking about how you will overcome them. Happy Friday!


These Books Can Teach You to Be the Best at Anything

After my post What does it take to become an expert at anything? a number of people have written, curious about where to learn more on the subject. 752 more words

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The literal translation means “coexistence”. At our school, it means a field trip to a location nearby, where you do team building and self-esteem activities. On Thursday was my class’s convivencia and beforehand, I really had no idea what to expect. 661 more words


Today it is.

Yesterday I received news from my soulmate back home in the States that his life was one foot from being over. An invasion of his home. 2,031 more words


Truths in Teaching | Cut Yourself Some Slack!

Boy, for as many times as I feel like I’m being a great role model to my students, there’s twice as many scenarios that I look back on and feel like I’ve royally screwed up. 229 more words

Teacher By Day

Speaking of Facts

You may have heard of “Fact Check”. When the President of the United States gives a speech or nominees for president give speeches trying to convince you that their right for the job, media outlets do fact checks to see if they are speaking of the facts correctly. 297 more words