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Fishes make excellent Classroom Pets

Scotland has voted NO to independence. Oh what a great victory for the NO Campaigners!! Democracy in action, well not really.. Almost half of Scotland was failed by democracy. 470 more words

Learning to play guitar

As some people may have seen on my Bucket List, I have that I would love to learn to play guitar.. well yesterday I officially started. 133 more words


As easy as "bir, iki, üç"

With Daughter now back at the village school and with The Turk in the Land Down Under I find that some spare time on my hands.   485 more words


Teaching is like......

Today’s prompt, create a metaphor/simile/analogy that describes my teaching philosophy, has me thinking about how my teaching has changed over the years and through the subjects and populations I’ve taught. 229 more words

Give a man a fish, he definitely eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he may not even eat that day because fishing is unpredictable. 78 more words


Sibling Rivalry

I was asked to contribute to a newsletter on this topic. I reacted like it was a challenge rather than an assignment…. As a mother of eight children you might consider me an expert – at least someone with LOTS of experience – on this topic. 380 more words