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I Made a Mistake ... Huzzah!!!!

There is an unhealthy trend in this country that has me worried for our future. I’m sure it’s one that has been mentioned before by others who are experts. 580 more words


A lesson in effective communication

Flight delays.

Like many small set backs in life the attitude you take determines your experience.

In attempt to make hay while the sun shines, I sent out this light-hearted tweet. 867 more words

Weekly Reflection

What can you learn from Memory?

Tonight, D and I played our first “official” game of Memory. I bought the Disney Classic Characters Matching Game several months ago when I saw it on sale at Target. 521 more words


The Meanest Mom in Town; Teaching Consequences to our Kids

My son is in second grade. Each Monday he has a book report due. He always does it over the weekend, and up to now there hasn’t been a problem. 654 more words

Teaching Character

Mommy's Little Helper

D, my 2 year old, enjoys helping me do things around the house. So, whenever I can, I let her! It’s a great opportunity for me to show her how to do things, let her practice doing them, and then let her do them independently when she is ready. 646 more words


"U.S. star goalie Tim Howard puts name on Tourette syndrome 'leadership academy'"

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This July 18, 2014 Philly region NewsWorks article talks about United States  Star Goalie Tim Howard who has Tourette Syndrome, but uses his fame as a goalie to help educate others about the disorder by allowing himself to be seen in front of 40,000 people playing soccer despite the tics he has as a result of having Tourette’s Syndrome.  413 more words

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