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Fear Ends When Faith Begins

This month I have been preaching on the topic of faith.  Mainly around what faith is, and what God wants for us in our faith journey.   484 more words

A friend shared this conversation with me today: Working: Stephen Colbert from David Plotz on SlateRadio. And what is cool about that, no not cool–more instructive–is that it is an interview on a podcast by a journalist who makes online wordsmithery a beautiful thing, and it is found on SoundCloud, discovered by a smart friend of mine who knows I would love it, and I am now writing about it, sharing it on LinkedIn and other places, and that is a map for how we consume the ideas and information that fuels our lives and careers. 334 more words


Re-Defining the Teaching Artist: When to Switch Hats

(I was recently asked to contribute to an online conversation hosted by the Harvard University Graduate School of Education about what it means to be a Teaching Artist.   871 more words

Teaching Tools

A Very Sticky Web

I’ve been amazed by the webs that pop up over night and meet us in the morning stretching across the posts of the back porch and hanging from the support beams. 411 more words

Family Life

The Hidden Benefit of Homeschooling (Proverbs 22:6)

When my wife and I were expecting our first child we had the normal conversation that all expectant parents have. We talked about our dreams for our children. 391 more words

Student Debt: Is Today Really Different?

Many are horrified at the amount of student debt burdening college grads today– it’s not unusual for a student at a public university in Iowa to borrow $28,000 or more. 554 more words

Facts & Trends

Disarming The Middle Finger

While walking my 5th graders back up to class from lunch last Friday, AJ informs me that “TM gave me ‘the middle finger’ in the cafeteria!”. 277 more words

Teachable Moments