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Bloomsbury commissions new book series: Re-inventing Teacher Education

Bloomsbury have commissioned a new series of books on teacher education to be edited by Marie Brennan, Meg Maguire, Peter Smagorinsky and myself. Entitled Re-inventing Teacher Education… 915 more words

Teacher Education

How was your day? And more inspiring ways to ask Children about school

We know that if we ask children, “How was your day?” Often we will hear the response “Fine”… or if we ask “What did you do at school today?” Often we will hear the ever so painful response “nothing”. 375 more words


How to use it, so you don't lose it

I’ve been a learner of several second languages over the years, and I think I can speak from experience that the term ‘use it or lose it!’ rings true.  808 more words

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Boosting Excellent Men -- and Women -- in Teaching

Over the weekend, The New York Times’ Motoko Rich wrote about the dilemma of how to get more men into the teaching profession. As one would imagine, the news analysis discussed the need to raise salaries, increase respect for the profession as a whole, and other such ideas. 447 more words


My Hero is a Teacher Leader

Nathan Bond is an associate professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Texas State University. He also serves as the faculty counselor of the Eta Zeta Chapter. 391 more words

Teacher Education

Independent Reading

This Washington Post article features former school principal Joanne Yatvin’s thoughts on why it is important to provide students with the opportunity to self-select texts and to have designated time in the school day for independent reading. 55 more words


Mining Coursera for Free, Online Professional Development

Staying current and relevant in a dynamic field is no simple task. When living internationally, attending professional development workshops and conferences can be especially time consuming and expensive. 758 more words