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Feminism abounds!

By the end of this second day in a school, I have noticed there’s been an absolutely cosmic shift in teaching attitudes since I was in high school. 130 more words

Day 2

I’m back in the school for the first time since Wednesday, and I’m feeling a lot more comfortable. I’m already building a rapport with some of the students, and the staff is quite welcoming and easy to get along with. 411 more words

Physical Computing: Inventing and Interactive Sound

This summer, I worked with Haley Gravis for a Smithsonian Sound and Sculpture Jam class that meshed sound, touch-based interactions, and art making. I have plans to include these projects in my Friday STEAM Art Lab sessions with my K-6 students. 1,785 more words

Multiple Grades

Learning Flexible Program Planning in Pre-Service

Our 1-year consecutive B.Ed. program has begun and I’ve (Clive) had two meetings with my School & Society class. The student teachers are wonderful: committed, talented, experienced in many ways, worldly-wise but friendly. 338 more words


St. John's University Service Day at Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Academy

25 students, faculty, and staff from the SJU School of Education cleaned up garden plots for STEM related teaching and learning about environmental issues, food systems and waste on September 27th in Flushing, Queens. 11 more words


Authored by Lisa Tritremmell, 2nd grade teacher

Second Grade Unit Plan – ASL Recycling Project 2014/2015

Key Idea: The implementation of a paper, plastic, and aluminum recycling program will reduce landfill refuse and help create a cleaner Earth, thereby reducing land, air, and water pollution which affect the lives of all living things. 2,311 more words



I’m a teacher educator, in the small subfield of “Foundations of Education” which essentially means that my courses are focused on the very questions of “why”:  Why schools are the  way they are, why they came to be this way, why it has become so hard to envision schools otherwise, why the role of “teacher” is circumscribed as it is, and why — now — these questions are being nudged to the back seat of the bus the that is “what” driven “reform”. 509 more words