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Preplanning Helps

I recently observed Mrs. A, with whom I will be working for the rest of the semester, and learned some good lessons for prospective teachers. The major reinforcement from this observation is that preplanning is of paramount utility to many other aspects of teaching. 762 more words


Management, Standards, & Assessment, Oh My!

A major focus of my first few weeks at school has been to observe a number of teachers, each with acclaimed and very different styles of instruction, across disciplines. 1,158 more words


Understanding and Differentiation with IEPs

I recently enjoyed working with one of my favorite students on improving his study skills. I began by observing the extracurricular activity of parent-teacher conferences. During this event my mentor teacher and I met with Student X’s father to briefly discuss some concerns. 1,059 more words


Using Technology for Classroom Management

The goal of this first Teacher Observation Reflection was to observe classroom management specifically. I chose to observe in the classroom of Ms. O because she enjoys a sterling reputation for classroom management. 883 more words


LONGEST day ever.

Day 3 of the blog challenge comes at the end of the longest day ever, it seems. By 9:30 AM I was starving, by 11:00 I was exhausted, and by 2:40 PM, at the start of our faculty meeting, I couldn’t believe there was still more to the day!! 317 more words