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Why I Don't Give My Korean Students English Names

There’s a common practice among foreign English teachers in Korea where the teachers give their Korean students English names. This can be a class bonding exercise where students joyfully pick their favorite English names as their own, or it can be a more controlled tradition where teachers will assign their students an English name. 692 more words


Confessions of An Elementary Art Teacher

I haven’t made art for myself since college.

For one, I just don’t have the time. For two, I’m not blessed with a beautiful, spacious studio space. 891 more words

A Day In The Life

Teacher "Feels"

1. I just finished “The Kite Runner” and 6 seconds later people are asking me about missing papers. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR PAPERS. GIVE ME AT LEAST A DOUBLE DIGIT NUMBER OF SECONDS TO PROCESS MY FEELINGS. 110 more words

Teacher Musings

The Point Of No Return

I don’t blog too much these days. Too busy trying to catch a good 6 hours’ sleep in between grading and planning and meetings and class trips. 258 more words


Feeding The Beast

I’m a Grey’s Anatomy junkie. In the early years, there is a reference to “feeding the beast”. The beast being your sexual desire.

Last night, I fed my beast. 676 more words

Transitions and What Teachers Hate Most About Teaching

I came home from work today steaming. I was so angry, so frustrated, so pissed. Why? Because of parents. Yes, parents. The worst part of teaching. 639 more words

What's Really Important

Apparently I am no longer a Type A personality. I swear I used to be. I used to fit the Wikipedia definition to a T. I was status oriented and wanted to be the best of the best. 413 more words