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Anything You Can Do

It’s easy to sit here in my lofty position of not having to give a state assessment this year (no money for writing assessments) and say that SHE is not doing her job.   793 more words

A Case for Breaking Rules

I have been a goody two shoes for most of my life, a straight A student, a people-pleaser who sought the approval of my parents, teachers, mentors.   1,022 more words

Film review: Tenderness vital for child development

Last night I saw a French Canadian film, Monsieur Lazhar. It was one of those films that immerse you completely in the watching, and fails to leave you for many hours, perhaps days afterwards. 566 more words



This was me yesterday…

And this is me today…

I was very sick yesterday that all I wanted was to go home and rest. By 9pm last night, my fever went up to about 38-39°. 46 more words

"Won't Grading be Boring?"

When I was first musing about becoming an educator, people would often ask me “Won’t it be boring grading the same thing over and over?” 446 more words



Students aren’t the only ones excited for summer vacation to come… Even teachers, do! Yes! We are also human beings entitled to what other people call as “ 32 more words

Day One of Reduced Negativity

“So, how did your first day of going negativity-free go?”

Ok, so I knew that it was going to a challenge to remove negativity in my life because there’s only one thing that I can control in this world and that’s my reaction to those negative impulses.   223 more words