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Transitions and What Teachers Hate Most About Teaching

I came home from work today steaming. I was so angry, so frustrated, so pissed. Why? Because of parents. Yes, parents. The worst part of teaching. 639 more words

What's Really Important

Apparently I am no longer a Type A personality. I swear I used to be. I used to fit the Wikipedia definition to a T. I was status oriented and wanted to be the best of the best. 413 more words


Why hello! Fancy seeing you here!

Went to the Atacama last weekend since I had a long weekend. Got 5 tours in 2 days done… and I definitely paid for it in lack of sleep. 689 more words

My Latest Guilty Pleasures

You know what I hate about my job?

It isn’t the constant testing, it isn’t the students, it isn’t the parents. It isn’t even the fact that education is run by a bunch of old geezers in congress who haven’t done anything positive with education since they received their last diploma. 1,037 more words

Going "rogue"

So this week I am so excited to start planning reading. I’ve decided that I am not going to be a Calkins robot. I am using the main topic/reading strategy of her sessions, but I am using books and ideas from Debbie Miller. 214 more words

24 and poor, but only by money :)

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog, so I decided it was time to spill a little bit. I’ve been having a great summer. I’ve put so much in my bucket this year. 434 more words

Robot teacher

How am I supposed to do lessons on acceptance when we’re forced to stay at the same pace as other classes? When we are forced to follow LUCY Calkins blindly? 134 more words