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Hey Miss!

Student: Hey Miss!

Me: Yeah?

Student: 1990 called, they want their earrings back!

Me: Hey student!

Student: Yeah?

Me: My grade book called, it’s taking that passing grade back!

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Never mistake my silence...

I asked my class to turn in a picture of something that describes them. One very quiet young lady turned in this!

The Crumpett Files

A La Mondain In Confidence

I apologize to any audience I might have for taking so long to bring an update forward. I’ll admit that I’ve been feeling rather uninspired towards journalistic inquiries lately. 781 more words

Mondain Colombia

Q is for . . .

The Quingbian Mountain– Dong Qichang (1617)

Ugh… It’s late, it’s the night before Easter, it’s been a long day, and  there are 10 minutes until the end of the day. 75 more words

Sweet Gig

I call him the Devil Incarnate or Spawn of Satan; he calls me Your Majesty or God. Teaching’s turning out to be a pretty sweet gig!

The Crumpett Files

"What the He**'s Going On Out Here?!?" ~Vince Lombardi

This reflection is inspired by a culmination of things, but most recently a conversation with an aspiring teacher, and this recent post by @TonySinanis. The aspiring teacher approached me for some insight on education, stating her enthusiasm is being thwarted by many teachers she talks with. 792 more words



As a teacher, you know that your holidays are always going to coincide with those of millions of children up and down the country. Whilst out and about during these times, it becomes clear what a pain and how irritating children can be in public within their ‘family environment’. 554 more words