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Khao Yai

Teacher Waryuna, (which, until quite recently I’ve been mistakingly pronouncing as ‘Wallender’) one of the English teachers I help, invited me to go with her family to ‘see big mountain’.

 Why Spelling is Important

The real importance of spelling correctly

You know people who spell well, almost instinctively, and you know people who are just as intelligent but who can barely spell their own names. 575 more words


Night shift number 2 of 4

Sooooo tired. It’s that 5:20am hump. Gets me every time. But at least there has been a little bit of work to do, so I haven’t been baby necking. 522 more words


Welcome New Teachers!

There will be 50 new teachers in the Verona School District this year and Main Street Dentists is happy to welcome them to Verona by participating in the… 43 more words


Looking Deeper, Being Compulsive & Desire

It’s easy to look deeper into anything especially if you like to delve under the surface because you’re bored or are naturally a deep thinker or your desire for someone is extreme .  1,020 more words


God Has Much to Teach You

Our 16 year old granddaughter got her license to drive. She’s on her way to real freedom. Her dad gets her in the car with a stick shift to encourage her to learn how to drive a standard. 519 more words