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A Yogi, Teacher and Guruji passes...

Farewell to a Teacher and Light that taught me many things. One of which I remember every day.

One must focus attention and intention in every aspect of action. 69 more words

TEACHERS! Raise Your Hands..

Teachers. I have had some straight to the point & serious kind of teachers. I have had the funny, outgoing, has a relationship with all of his/her students kind of teachers. 467 more words


So after much consideration, I’m ready to announce my next moves!

I’ve done the whole “work for money” thing and now I realize the importance of building a life you love. 387 more words


New Year, New Space!

The prospect of moving your classroom to the opposite side of the building sounds like a gigantic nightmare. Would you believe me if I said that it wasn’t? 65 more words

The Power of Music

Everyone’s voice is suddenly drowned out. A strident noise of static fills your head then suddenly vanishes, and all becomes hushed. In the moment of silence, you brace yourself for the… 307 more words


Off Again!

Another school year has arrived! And (hopefully) the last semester of me being the student! Senior year final semester is here and I couldn’t be more excited…for it to be gone! 178 more words

Homework 8/19

Read for 30 minutes.

Bring in an article from the web, newspaper or magazine.

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