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Guest Blogging

It is a surreal experience to have someone else ask you to contribute to their blog. It is still surreal when all they do is ask for people willing to contribute and you send an email or a tweet and you get an affirmative response. 342 more words

Fourth Grade

Task Analysis

Task analysis is an important process to do as a teacher, but it can be incredibly time-consuming. The concept behind task analysis is to have students go through a very specific process and watch what they are doing in order to better identify strengths and weaknesses. 376 more words

Fourth Grade

About Those "What Gifts NOT to Give" Articles You've Probably Seen

Well, that may be just about the longest blog post title I’ve written on this blog. Maybe not. I haven’t actually gone back to look at all of them to see. 1,090 more words

Teachers' Secrets

Puzzled Penguin

The math curriculum I use has a recurring character who shows up in the student workbook to help them identify computational and algorithmic errors. His name is Puzzled Penguin. 255 more words

Fourth Grade

Increasing Productivity with Music

Practically since the day my students first got to use their Chromebooks in my class this year, there has been a constant request coming from them: wanting to listen to music while doing independent work. 637 more words

Fourth Grade

Watching Movies with a Purpose

I have used movies in my classroom with different frequency in different years. With my class this year, I haven’t used very many movies or videos. 386 more words

Fourth Grade

Celebrating Small Victories

I wrote recently about the short-term “token economy” system that our new music teacher and I decided to put into place for my class as an effort to bolster their positive behaviour. 667 more words

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