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Specialization and Focus of the Educational Psychologist

So now that I’ve talked a little bit about where educational psychology comes from it’d probably be a good idea to talk about what exactly I do as one. 323 more words

Educationl Psychology

A Community of Practice.

  1. A community practice is a cohort that shares a strong passion for something. These groups collaborate, share resources, experiences, thoughts and opinions with one another. They learn together and from one another, ultimately creating a strong and committed community.
  2. 324 more words
Pre-service Teacher

First Day Of School Postponed As East Allegheny Teachers Strike

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Tuesday was supposed to be the first day of school in the East Allegheny School District.

But instead, teachers are expected to go on strike. 114 more words


Learning Spaces and CoP

As apart of an upcoming assessment I am required to develop an e-presentation that introduces educators to the practical and theoretical components of these learning spaces. 219 more words

To All The Teachers In My Life (And In The World)

It’s September 1st.

It’s that time again. You’ve double-checked your supplies, your outfit, your class schedule. You take deep breaths, but you still feel some anxiety pressing in that keeps sleep far behind a high fence that you can’t seem to reach. 278 more words

PANDAS School Daze Series Introduction

PANDAS School Daze: PANDAS/PANS and School can leave you Dazed.

School can be a dirty word when it comes to PANDAS/PANS. Or it can at least be preceded by a few choice words whenever it’s discussed. 489 more words


Laura H. Chapman: Who Speaks for Teachers?

A regular reader, Laura H. Chapmam, curriculum consultant in the arts, asks: Who speaks for teachers? And, who is paid to appear to speak for teachers? 392 more words