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It's In Your Pocket!

When I first started having my high school students participate in Poem in Your Pocket Day, they thought I was nuts. Carry a poem around in my pocket for a day? 182 more words


School is Back

School is back.
I had forgotten how loud it was,
crawling with trolls and witches of the like.

I had forgotten the uneasy feeling of confinement, 191 more words

A-Z Challenge: Teachers

Sinewave position: near the top

Teachers have a profound impact on our lives. I’ve had many good teachers and a few bad ones. Fortunately, the number of good ones has far outweighed the number of bad ones. 461 more words

Why Students Must be Taught to Learn from Experiences?

Academic year is the one of the important steps in each student’s life. Once student have started their plan of study, then their parents or their teachers need to support them in the development of higher level skills and on the way related to academic learning. 438 more words


Guru Sulit Bertahan di Pedalaman

Kompas, halaman 11

Guru yang bertugas di daerah pedalaman umumnya jarang bertahan lama. Mereka akan segera pindah ke kota setelah beberapa tahun mengajar di sekolah yang berada di pedalaman. 194 more words


Teachers Hardly Survive in Remote Areas

Kompas page 11

Generally, teachers serving in remote areas rarely survive. They will soon move to a city after a few years of teaching in schools located in the interior. 229 more words


Not much to write about

The last time I blogged was about a week ago. I haven’t had much to blog about. This week and last week has been basically the same thing everyday, the same routine, same subjects. 665 more words