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ON RITUAL: A Young Monk's Awakening

The word “Ritual” might well cause a visceral reaction among those of us who were brought up in the Pre-Vatican II Catholic Church. In fact, the words “empty” and “ritual” are often used in combination. 598 more words


Social-Ecological-Technical Systems

In the next month, I will kick off a new required course designed for ASU’s School of Sustainability’s incoming graduate students.  The course is called “Social-Ecological-Technical Systems”.   270 more words

Twitter in the Classroom: Worth Considering

Preliminary research seems to indicate that social media in general, and Twitter in specific, can be used successfully in the classroom as a pedagogical tool.  The first order of business, therefore, is to convince administrations and boards that there is a valid use for Twitter in the classroom. 439 more words

What We Lose When We Ban Books (a reblog from Kevin M English)

Kevin English is an English Language Arts educator, school board member, and teaching consultant. He also writes a fantastic blog. This morning he took on the subject of banning books. 69 more words


Teaching Digital History: Or, Out of My Comfort Zone

Happy Friday, dear readers! I hope your week went well and you have a lovely weekend planned. Today I want to share some of my experiences from the last quarter, especially about being outside of my comfort zone in my teaching duties. 919 more words


Lesson Planning

In three days, I’ll once again join what I consider to be one of the most talented music faculty in existence.  I’m speaking of the faculty at the  325 more words


On the Occasion of Five Years...

Today is my five year wedding anniversary – we made it, and a lot of the time, it still feels like a sweet, sweet honeymoon!  Today is part one of two, as we had a Hindu ceremony honouring his beliefs, and an Anglican ceremony honouring mine the next day.   408 more words