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Engagement changes student behaviour - not policies

Policies are important in schools. When implemented correctly the provide a standpoint from which we can work work with students. The problem comes when there are too many policies and too many rules. 159 more words

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Is your school a victim of the 'Donut Effect'?

The term Donut Effect was conceived by American urban planners to describe the impact of suburbanisation on north american cities. Essentially, as cities grew outwards with newer, more wealthy suburbs, the inner cities were left behind to rot and decay, hence becoming the hole in the donut. 272 more words

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5 useful tips for educators using Microsoft Word

I would probably make a guess that Microsoft Word is the most heavily used piece of software used by teachers yet, from my experience, very few schools give their teachers much training in how to use the application. 279 more words

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Making the most of collaborative time in schools - Part 1

Teachers being given time to collaborate on matters pertaining to student learning is crucial to improving schools. While elementary / primary schools may often find it easier to schedule collaborative time, in comparison to secondary divisions, owing to the horizontal organisation of teaching teams, teachers still raise not having enough time to collaborate as one of the factors holding them back from being able to improve student learning outcomes. 510 more words

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Beware: Digital Natives can often mislead us in making incorrect assumptions

In his article for On the Horizon back in 2001, Marc Prensky coined the terms digital native and digital immigrant. Prensky refers to our students as Digital Natives – “all “native speakers” of the digital language of computers, video games and the Internet.” Digital immigrants, on the other hand, are referred to as “those of us who were not born into the digital world but have, at some later point in our lives, become fascinated by and adopted many or most aspects of the new technology.” 310 more words

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Avoid a toxic school culture by being a Mythbuster


Toxic school cultures thrive on the rumour mill. Often we can find groups of teachers being negative about aspects of our respective schools that are not just untrue but plain and simply… 471 more words

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Where is your teaching and learning focus? Is it time for an audit?

Every once in a while it is good to check-in with where our school’s are at in terms of their teaching and learning focus. Investing too heavily in one area can lead to a distinct lack of progress in another. 206 more words

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