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IATEFL wrap-up by James Pengelley

Thanks to #AusELT member James Pengelley, who presented at IATEFL 2014 in Harrogate, for this guest post.

Sitting in the lower rows of the auditorium at Harrogate’s conference centre on a windy English Saturday afternoon, there was a distinct sense of survival that filled the air. 1,136 more words


'Hype, hope, and what are we actually meant to do with it all???' Attitudes to edtech.  Part 2 of the #AusELT chat summary ‘The mouse that roared? Issues with edtech in ELT’ (6 Feb, 2014)

This is the second in a series on 4 blog posts summarising the many issues that were raised in the recent #AusELT chat with Scott Thornbury on the subject of edtech in ELT. 1,415 more words


SIGCSE Day 2, "Software Engineering: Courses", Thursday, 1:45-3:00pm, (#SIGCSE2014)

Regrettably, despite best efforts, I was a bit late getting back from the lunch and I missed the opening session, so my apologies to Andres Neyem, … 729 more words


SIGCSE Keynote #1 - Computational Thinking For All, Robert M. Panoff, Shodor Education Foundation

Bob Panoff is the wonder of the 2014 SIGCSE Award for Outstanding Contribution to Computer Science Education and so he gets to give a keynote, which is a really good way to do it rather than delaying the award winners to the next year. 1,965 more words


SIGCSE Best Paper Award Winner - Dr Claudia Szabo, University of Adelaide

Congratulations to my colleague, friend and running partner, Dr Claudia Szabo on winning the SIGCSE Best Paper Award for a paper entitled “Student Projects are Not Throwaways: Teaching Practical Software Maintenance in a Software Engineer Course”. 72 more words



Well, another year, another SIGCSE. I’ll try to produce more short posts rather than infrequent brain dumps. (That was lucky, I caught the word bran before I posted…) I’ll also be tweeting so short thoughts will go over there and, with any luck, small essays will be here. 24 more words