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Let's talk about Alba...

Hey guys!

So here’s my latest Vlog on my experience in Mexico. This episode is about my landlady, “la jefa/the boss”.

Enjoy! :)


More realistic lesson aims

One of the strongest criticism of PPP is that it never achieves typical lesson aims like “Students will be able to produce Future Continuous and use it in communication”. 392 more words

TEFL Humour

Wordle Wednesday: Celebrations

As this will be my last Wordle Wednesday of 2014; as I will only be writing about “everyday life” until January. I thought that it would be a good idea to have a ‘cloud’ of celebration words. 120 more words


My first year in Thailand

Hello! After being absent for over a year I am back. Did you miss me?  When I first moved to Thailand a little over 15 months ago I had planned to make at least one post every week. 1,222 more words

English As A Foreign Or Second Language

Idiom of the Week: “Down in the Dumps"

Monday is here again and I cannot believe how fast the weekend went. I was doing a lot of crafting as on Saturday I have a Craft Sale in the local Town Hall; raising funds for my TEFL adventures. 88 more words


Worksheets to tie Xmas in with your syllabus

Ones on my Xmas and New Year materials page for present tenses, past tenses, future tenses, It is/ They are, action and state verbs, adverbs of frequency, first conditional, modals, imperatives, numbers, describing foods, trends and the language of negotiations, probably the most successful of which is: 18 more words

Teaching English As A Foreign Language

The TEFL Blame Game

A recent typically involving discussion on ELT Jam turned about halfway through into a version of my new favourite comedy podcast The Blame Game. Instead of questions like “Who do you blame for Jeremy Paxman?”, the TEFL version had questions like “Who can we blame for the conditions of our ‘profession’?” 796 more words

Teaching English As A Foreign Language