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The Power of Words

Words are everything in a language. Words affect the way our message is perceived and how people react to it.  Words can make the difference between a sentence being just a sentence or becoming part of a poem. 66 more words

BSR Idiomas

Appendix: Biblical Names

While hundreds of names are appear in the Bible, not all of them have been poplar among modern speakers of English. For some names, it is because of negative feelings about the biblical people who had those names, and for others, it is because they sound too old-fashioned or strange. 1,056 more words



it is true; so be it —To all those who claim that dogs are better than cats, I say, Amen! The Hebrew word amen comes at the end of prayers in the Bible, and also at the end of some books, such as Revelation. 506 more words


heaven; hell


an extremely wonderful place, thing, or situation


an extremely terrible place, thing, or situation

—For me, chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream, covered with chocolate syrup, is heaven in a bowl. 363 more words


bottomless pit

a problem that consumes an endless amount of resources; a very hungry person who can’t be satisfied; an endless supply of something, often of something not wanted… 144 more words



used as an expression of joy or agreement
—Hallelujah! It’s Friday! And I have big plans for the weekend.

Hallelujah comes from a Hebrew word meaning “praise the Lord.” John describes the following scene in his vision of heaven: 38 more words


day of judgment; judgment day

a time when a punishment is given or when an important decision or outcome is revealed
—February 18 is judgment day at the school, the day when the students find out the scores for their college-placement exams. 165 more words