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One Day, Two Interviews

Yesterday I had two interviews on Skype. The first was with a school in Saudi Arabia. Yeah, it sounds a bit scary to live in a place that’s so restrictive to women, but a friend here who’s Saudi convinced me to check this out. 465 more words


A Bilingual Child: Speaking in Chunks

I have been a teacher of English as a foreign language for quite some time now, which means that it is very rare that I read something that revolutionises the way I see language or the best ways to teach it.   614 more words


Chinese Children

In the classroom, I’ve picked up a few Chinese phrases that the children say quite a lot. One of these is shénme . This is Chinese for ‘what’. 601 more words


Field trip to Jayeon Nara (Nature Camp) in Icheon

On Tuesday 15th April, 2-1 went to Jayeon Nara (Nature Camp) in Icheon. This was my very first field trip for the year so I was super excited! 162 more words

Day 236: The Countdown Begins


We’re officially in the final stretch of the year! With 55 days left until we’re back in the States and less than 50 days until our contract is over, we can see the finish line growing ever closer. 1,034 more words


Spring Madness - Post to come soon!

This week has been busy! I wanted to update to say that my post will come soon! I am going to combine last weekend, this past week, and this weekend all in a single post.

Stay tuned! :)

Teaching In South Korea

Teaching changes lives.

If I could influence just one child’s life then my mission as a teacher would be complete. As a teacher it can be really difficult to juggle a class full of kids when they each hold a diverse range of abilities. 830 more words