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Idiom of the Week: “An Eager Beaver”

I was such this idiom this week; as I am all finished with my Specialist Modules. Just the Advanced Grammar module to do; bring on pay day!! 122 more words


Learning curve 

The notion of non-English school kids being disciplined and well-behaved is a myth; whoever came up with that idea is a liar and should be punished! 804 more words


Wordle Wednesday: Emotions

The first Wordle Wednesday of 2015; how exciting! Celebrations have all finished and hopefully we all had a good time. There were possibley a lot of emotions going around and that is the theme of this week’s word cloud. 284 more words


Idiom of the Week: "Burn the Midnight Oil"

Hello and welcome to the first Idiom of the Week of 2015! I am so glad to get back into the routine of posting these little features here at… 150 more words


Changes to FCE exam from January 2015

Been updating my extensive but now slightly out of date FCE materials pages.

Changes to the exam from this month that I’ve least started to update my stuff to match: 226 more words

Teaching English As A Foreign Language

New year, new blog, new resolutions...

Another Year

So it’s 2015 now, 2014 went past in a flash. A lot happened for me in the past year, I did a lot plus I achieved some things I’m really proud of. 809 more words


TEFLtastic attempts at humour in 2014

I was too busy following my own recommendations on Kaizen TEFL and endlessly polishing up worksheets to see the funny side very much in 2014, but I did come up with these when I was really trying to take a break and cheer myself up. 160 more words

TEFL Humour