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Wordle Wednesday: Languages

This week’s Wordle Wednesday is all about the languages that are spoken across the World. Most of us know that currently the World’s Population is around about 6,800,596,862 people. 58 more words


Idiom of the Week: “An Axe to Grind”

This week’s Idiom of the Week is “An Axe to Grind”; this idiom is one of my favourites and I use it when I am at work. 86 more words


golden calf

something, such as wealth, that is pursued as if it were the object of worship; something that is greatly honored or revered
—Too many people chase after the golden calf of riches, only to find that it doesn’t make them truly happy. 459 more words


holy of holies

a sacred place that inspires awe
—While many people have seen the kitchen at the restaurant, only I was invited to visit the holy of holies, the special area where the chef creates his secret recipes. 354 more words


take someone’s name in vain

to speak critically about someone; to say a person’s name without giving the proper respect to him or his ideals
—Professor Smith was a great teacher. 253 more words


Last of Summer 2013

I was curious how I wanted to end my recall of 2013 and yet I don’t want to fall behind on my newer, most recent Korean experiences as well.   1,560 more words


ten commandments

basic rules or principles of an activity or situation
—Her ten commandments of friendship begin with “Thou shalt not disagree with me.”

Three months after leaving Egypt, the Israelites came to the foot of Mt. 123 more words