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Confessions of an ex-pilgrim

OK, so I’ll come clear straight off. No actual confessions here.

There, that feels better. Glad I got that off my chest.

This is the time of year when I recall with great fondness my days as a “colonial interpreter” at the living history museum of… 805 more words


History = Excitement

In high school, I found history class to be very boring.  Sure, I was enthralled by the idea of history, learning about battles, and how our world has changed over time, but the classes themselves were boring because they were lecture-based.   509 more words

Gary Gallagher on the Differences Between History and Memory

One of my favorite lectures from renowned Civil War historian and University of Virginia professor Gary Gallagher is included in the video above. The bulk of the lecture is dedicated to analyzing the Battle of Gettysburg within the larger context of the Civil War and questioning the common belief that it was a “turning point” that signaled the end of the Confederacy. 698 more words


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Nick Sacco has an interesting discussion based on a lecture by noted Civil War Historian Gary Gallagher about Gettysburg. Sacco talks about how Gallagher distinguishes between "history" and "memory." "Memory" tends to color historical events because it often makes them seem inevitable, even if they are not. Sacco states that Gallagher's discussion explains why historians should always be careful when using primary source documents. Check out Gallagher's lecture and Sacco's discussion.

Our Best Loved History Resources

As I explained (or, you know, shamelessly bragged out) in my last post, we finished all the history recently. I wanted to make a list of the big resources we loved most over the last five years. 1,304 more words