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Pygmalion and the Elephant in the Room

Falling in love with one’s own views is potentially harmful; especially if one wants to act upon them. But how does one avoid becoming Pygmalion? Certainly not by ignoring blind spots. 375 more words

Teaching Methods

Equal Opportunity? Not in today's classrooms ...

A disadvantaged child just wants to fit in – not be left out …

it is my understanding that the public school system was set up in the first instance to equalise opportunities for the children whose parents were unable to offer what the more affluent and educated parents could offer. 181 more words

Reading Failure

B.C. ELA~ Pg. 22-25

I notice that this portion of the curriculum highlights five steps of writing: prewriting, generating ideas, can also include goals and criteria establishment; drafting, the planning of ideas; revising, reworking and perfecting the meaning of the text; editing, refinements relating to grammar; and finally, presenting and publishing, where the text is shared with others. 266 more words

EDCI 302

Chapter 1~Getting Acquainted with the 6 Traits

Chapter one is an introduction to the textbook Creating Writers, 6 Traits, Processes, Workshop, and Literature by Vicki Spandel. The 6 traits are: IDEAS, the pieces main message and it’s supporting details; ORGANIZATION, the internal structure of the writing; VOICE, the way the authors personality shows in the writing and makes the piece something special, it is putting some of your personality into the work in order to make the reader want to continue reading; WORD CHOICE, words that express meaning, create images, feelings, or scenery in the mind of the reader. 380 more words

EDCI 302


Welcome back T.A.’s to what we hope will be a fresh and exciting semester!! Each and every semester here at UPRM beckons new opportunities to learn and grow as students and T.A.’s; it is within our cautious, understanding and capable abilities that we approach our students with the intent to educate them in the best way that we can. 224 more words

Teaching Methods

Caring about

Looking into the mirror for a critical inspection, we do it many times a day. No harm in knowing how we are doing. It is a private thing and we do not allow many others to know what we know, unless of course we have a “trusted other” who may peek: “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the most fairy of them all”. 315 more words

Teaching Methods