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Question: How to Improve Schools; Change Teaching Methods

3 Rules to Spark Learning. By Ramsey Musallam. Perf. Ramsey Musallam. TED: Ideas worth Spreading. N.p., May 2013. Web. 30 Sept. 2014.

Ramsey Musallam, in the video “3 Rules to Spark Learning” discusses the idea that there are three main rules to follow in order to get the most from education. 316 more words

Teaching Methods

Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning is a common term used in education. Many times, whenever people are working in groups, it is called cooperative learning. However, not just any group work can be called cooperative learning. 672 more words

Teaching Methods

Adjustable Timelines

With all of the fuss about world education ranks and standardized testing these days, many seem to have forgotten the point of assessments– to assess learning. 392 more words

Questioning Strategies

Asking questions in the classroom is often more of a science then an art. There are core definitions and strategies to questioning that can be used by teachers. 431 more words

Teaching Methods

Blurred Lines: Course Types

This week we’re talking course types, specifically the 3 major “classroom” environments: face-to-face (F2F), hybrid (or blended), and online.

Face-to-face (F2F) classrooms are most often associated with traditional education – learning takes place during the school day (except for homework) in a single classroom featuring a… 562 more words


Wordless Learning

One of the things that dyslexics are not meant to be good at is learning languages. But for some reason I seem to pick them up relatively easily. 375 more words


Comprehension Monitoring

Comprehension monitoring is a strategy that students use in which they assess their understanding of content by constantly checking their progress. In order for students to have success with these behaviors, comprehension monitoring needs to be modeled by the teacher. 204 more words

Teaching Methods